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Valsartan Questions

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Losartan vs Valsartan - What's the difference between them?

What is the strength of Prexxartan (valsartan) oral solution?

Can I split my Valsartan tablets and take them twice a day?

I take 80 mg Vallarta per day. Can I split them in half and take them twice a day

Is amlodipine besylate and amlodipine valsartan the same drug. I saw a recall notice.

I am taking 5 mg of amlodipine besylate. It is an octagonal white tablet with lU on one side and H12 on the other. Is there a recall. I have had vertigo more this year than normally. I was given drugs for the dizziness. They didn't really work so I ended up going to an ENT. I have some throat... read more

Is valsartan a betablocker ? is valsartan ACE inhibitor ?

Beta Blockers and Ace Inhibitors cause Erectile dysfunction. If so then what are the other alternative medications to take for hypertension, that do not cause Erectile dysfunction. ?

Is it best to take valsartan in the morning or in the evening?

I take one 80mg valsartan every evening. Is it best to take this drug in the evening?

Can I take Mucinex DM with my other medications?

atorvastatin, valsartan, plavix, aspirin, gabapentin, flexeril, metoprolol,

Does Valsartan also treat high cholesterol?

My PC prescribed valsartan 40mg as a treatment to lower my high cholesterol issue. I've been on it now for 16 months, and not much is happening as far as I can tell. PC doctor said it's working fine. It's not that I don't trust what he diagnoses; but, I don't have high... read more

Metoprolol succinate and ED?

My doctor just added metoprolol succinate ER 100mg to my valsartan 160 mg and just wondering does metoprolol cause ED? And loss of desire? Just wondering how common it is?

Valsartan and Bystolic ED med question?

I have been trying to figure out what would be a safe ED med to take with My combination of meds of valsartan 320 mg and Bystolic 20 mg. I read upon something about Viagra would be a moderate thing to take but Bystolic making it lose its effectiveness but nothing about tadalafil. Not sure if these... read more

High Blood Pressure - Valsartan and Nebivolol male sexual side effects??

I take Nebivolol with Valsartan and wondering if anyone has any kinda sexual side effects like ED? Thanks

Managing stage 3 kidney disease and diabetes type 2?

My nephrologist has taken me off metformin, Farxiga, valsartan and Mounjaro. My blood sugar is over 200 every day I am on 100 units of Tresiba (insulin) 2x per day. How do I get my sugar down to 80-120?

Valsartan and gout?

I was taking tekturna, monopril and hydrochlorthyozide with no side effects - my doctor switched me to valturna hct and I immediately got a very severe gout attack my research indicates the valsartan in the valturna may be the cause - am I right?

Valsartan - How long does the drug diovan stay in your system and how much hydrochlorthiazide is in?

... the drug? Am also prescribed hydrochlorthiazide 25mg once in the morning. Experiencing dizzy spells in the afternoon.

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