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Blisters on the bottom of my foot that itch, hurt and ooze clear liquid. Whats happening?

Posted 19 May 2013 by L0813 19 answers

I apply antifungal cream and powder daily also triple antibiotic when the blisters pop but nothing seems to give. When they pop the blisters fill up with more fluid and then more blisters appear. One blister popped and as I lifted up the skin to see inside it was like a deep cutt. I cant afford to ...

Can I use triple antibiotic ointment on my vagina?

Posted 18 Apr 2015 by Dh5769 1 answer

my vagina is really dry and is starting to get cuts on it. Will this help any?

Triple Antibiotic - for jock itch?

Posted 1 Dec 2014 by glosta 1 answer

After many attempts using powders, creams etc for jock itch for relief I decided to try triple antibiotic. The result is less irritability, good night's sleep and a lot more comfort. Has anyone else tried this method?

Triple Antibiotic - If you have a bladder infection can you use antibiotic cream? On your vagina?

Posted 13 Jul 2014 by ladycakes 3 answers

... when it starts to burn or itch Because I had sex yesterday and after I had sex I peed and it burn a little

Can I use triple antibiotic on my dog?

Posted 15 Dec 2012 by LuckieCedes 4 answers

Can I use mupirocin ointment and triple antibiotic ointment?

Posted 3 Dec 2017 by Chris160 1 answer

If I have an area on my skin with staph is it okay to use both

Burns - External - I dropped the fire off my cigerate onto my neck was trying hard to get it off but

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by gg1957 2 answers

... it made a blister on my neck right in the middle of my neck what is the best thing i can do help asap i am using triple antibiotic cream on it because i am concerned about infection i would like to know if i need to cover with some type bandage or what is should do without going to Dr.

Triple Antibiotic -i have first degree burns on my hands and feet. my skin is healing but there are?

Posted 22 Aug 2009 by angel4life 1 answer

boils that are comeing out on my hands and feet with pus inside can i apply the ointment and will it heal it

Antidote for ingesting triple antibiotic cream?

Posted 13 Jan 2010 by sheilahg 1 answer

my dog just ate some

Can you use triple antibiotic cream near bikini area for a cystic/blister (from chaffing)?

Posted 20 Jun 2018 by Jannette1999 0 answers

This blister won’t pop if I try it just bleeds but it’s like it was an ingrown hair at first that turned into some sort of like blister, my underwear line bothers it so bad and bikini (pretty much anything) I never had this in my life before. The only thing I can think of is I shaved ...

Hand eczema?

Posted 31 Jul 2010 by willie34 1 answer

been fighting this for almost 2 yrs,have had steroid shots ,triple antibiotic shots,then capsule form antibiotics ,hydrocortisone cream. fingers bleed ,crack ,and itch constantly to where i cant stand it. this works great ,but soon as the medicine is over with after a week ,then the symptons come ...

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