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When I throw a ball my fingers tingle, what causes this?

When I throw a baseball my thumb, pointer finger, middle and ring finger tingle what is the cause of this and what does it mean?

I just started weaning off of Effexor XR 150 mg. I am now on day 2 of no Effexor at all. I am?

... starting to feel very dizzy, tingling sensations, brain fog, and nauseous. Is there anything I can do (without taking another prescription) to lessen the side effects? I started Effexor 6 years ago for depression and anxiety while going through a divorce. Life is much more stable now and I... read more

Toradol shot for siatic nerve pain??

I've been having frequent siatic nerve pain in my lower back, which sends aching pains down my hips, thru the back of my legs, furthermore, leading to my feet and having a tingling sensation. I have read several different reviews about this shot and am scared of getting it, but am in dire need... read more

Does anyone know how to lessen the tingling in your feet and hands side effect of Topiramate?

I'm currently on 50mg twice a day and experience intense tingling mostly in my feet several times a day. That is my main side effect other that not wanting to really drink soda and losing weight(no complaints there) and a bit of memory loss. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rid of... read more

Zolpidem - Has anyone had muscle pain (tingling, aching burning) in the upper and lower extrmities?

I have been taking zolpidem for about 7 mos. and am also at the age that I am going through perimenopause. I started having pains in hands and feet, then traveling up extremities. Sometimes its severe, but its always there. My Husband suggested that it might be a side effect from this drug, and not... read more

Has topamax caused any permanent damage ?

Have been off Topamax for 7days and still experiencing the the tingling in hands feet and mouth area and also foggy in the head and loss of balance..And that is why i asked the question above.

Topamax - My daughter is experiencing tingling and pain in feet?

My 16 year old daughter was prescribed topamax for migraines. She took 50mg a day once a day for a week, and now takes 50mg 2x a day. She's been taking it for 3 weeks now. She has been waking up every night with really bad pain, tingling and numbness in her feet and legs. Is this normal or... read more

Lexapro insomnia & tingling feeling in legs & tight jaw?

I was on Lexapro 5mg for 8 days then 2.5 for 3 days. I decided to get offBecause of the side effects of more anxiety and depression and insomnia that I never had before and restlessness. when I was on the Lexapro I would wake up at 3:30 in morning with nocturnal panic attacks tingling feelings in... read more

Gabapentin not helping for nerve pain.Dose too low?

I have nerve pain in my ankle due to a permanent foot contracture (I have MD). Surgery is not an option due to lung issues. Anyways, I felt sharp stabbing pain along with tingling in my ankle (area around pain is numb) so my doctor prescribed gabapentin 100mg a day along with physical therapy. The... read more

Can amitriptyline cause tingling, pins and needles in the legs ? Will these symptoms go off over...

... time or do I have to discontinue the drug ?

How Much Valtrex Can I Take For My Cold Sores if the Prescribed 2grams Twice a Day is Not Working?

I got a cold sore last week and took the 2grams twice a day for one day. It turned out not being that bad. Then today I woke up (4 days later) and felt that tingling feeling again on my lips so I took 2 grams of Valtrex right away. But what I noticed was that my whole top lip was basically covered... read more

Clonazepam - is it dangerous to take this once a month to help me sleep?

I only take clonapepam 0.5 mg once in a while is I am having a restless night tingling in my arms and legs and can't sleep. Is it dangerous to take it once a month? I had 60 tables prescribed about 2 years ago and have about 17 left. Is this not good to do?

How to taper suboxone dropped from 8mg to 4mg for 7days now?

Im trying to stop the suboxone> ive been on it for almost 3 yrs up to 3 in the begining and down to 1- 8m a day, i recently dropped hlf, i keep busy and it helps i find myself shivering, tingling all over. It may be just my nerves. Has anyone dropped like this and had the same happen> If... read more

I have a tingling in feet and lower legs while on Prozac?

I have been taking Prozac for 12 days 20 MG. Started to feel tingling in my legs and feet. Called dr they said to stop taking it. Also had a few small bruises that could or couldn't have been from that medicine too. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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