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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Questions

Related terms: TMJ syndrome, TMJD, TMJ, TMD, TMJ Disorder


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Lock Jaw in my right joint. How can I fix this?

Posted 14 May 2014 by Blue222 3 answers

I am trying to figure out if I can do any DIY treatment that won't require me to visit a doctor or dentist, whether this means taking an over-the-counter medication or using another method. For a couple years my jaw would pop whenever I chewed my food, but this only happened on rare occasion. ...

Fibromyalgia, anyone taking Gabapentin (neurontin) have stomach pain?

Posted 26 Apr 2012 19 answers

My doc upped my dose and ever since then I've had stomach pain. YET, I took an Ibuprofen Tuesday night, and that stuff tears up my tummy! Just wonder if anyone else has this, or am I an odd duck (don't answer THAT part, guys! lol) Or could it be from Zanaflex? I am playing musical muscle ...

How to ask dentist about hydrocodone?

Posted 17 Feb 2012 4 answers

Hi everyone I was recently diagnosed with chronic TMJ and i have always had bad canker sore breakouts. The Dr who told me I have TMJ gave me Clonzapem - did nothing to help the pain and made me feel loopy if I took too many Celebrex - They came in packs of three which I (stupidly) thought meant ...

Diazepam - What dosage is needed when diazapam is used to treat symptoms of TMJ?

Posted 31 Oct 2013 by lucy56 7 answers

After nearly two decades of suffering from daily pain from grinding and clenching my teeth, my doctor has prescribed me 2mg diazepam and 500mg naproxen to be taken before bed. However, he openly admits that he isn't an expert on TMJ so I am wondering what others have been prescribed and if ...

What is the difference between carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride?

Posted 4 Nov 2010 by A69 1 answer

Or the difference between soma and flexeril?

Can you split a cyclobenzaprine?

Posted 26 Dec 2010 by unchained357 1 answer

... I have a yellow 10mg and it is too strong but is not scored to be broken, can I cut it in half or will it release too much at one time?

Hi friends, anyone suffer from TMJ disorder? The left side of my jaw hurts terribly?

Posted 16 Aug 2010 8 answers

And my left ear feels as if there is a timpani drum being banged! I can barely open my mouth, husband is happy and unhappy about this! (sorry for that last part, I couldn't resist though!) Any suggestions on pain relief? Thank you in advance, sweetlemon

Alprazolam - I suffer from agoraphobia, social anxiety, panic attacks, TMJ disorder, and supposed?

Posted 19 Jan 2012 8 answers

... depression. I also believe I have post traumatic syndrome from past occurrences in my life. However, I live in a small Christian town in Texas and doctors are very reluctant to put me on xanax. About 5 years ago I was put on it when a therapist diagnosed me with agoraphobia. I took 2 ...

Can someone be marked as a pill seeker on their medical records? If so, how can it be removed?

Posted 1 Sep 2010 by ae2116 4 answers

My wife was recently diagnosed with TMJ after 6 months of trial and error by several doctors and dentists. Her main dentist has been prescribing her pain medicine for most of the 6 months. After he did everything he could for her teeth including 3 root canals, an extraction and a bone graft, he ...

Hydrocodone for chronic severe pain?

Posted 26 Jul 2011 by dkshicks 6 answers

I am disabled from a High Grade Triple Scoliosis, with herniated disc, DDD, Facet Joint Arthritis throught entire spine. I also need both knees replaced, have Fibromyalgia, TMJ, severe arthritis in cervical neck. Due to the state of my spine from the scoliosis surgery is not an option for my spine. ...

I was wondering if anyone else here takes gabapentin for tmj nerve pain?

Posted 10 Feb 2013 by marcie611 2 answers

I have just started taking gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day for my tmj nerve pain.I have had 3 tmj surgeries and the third surgery resulted in chronic nerve damage to both of my tmj joints.I also take cymbalta and 25mg of neurotripiline but so far I have had no relief from my pain and I also have ...

Can I stop amitriptyline after 18 days at 25mg?

Posted 18 days ago by Dragonfly2 2 answers

I’m on day 53 of a headache. It’s centralized behind my left ear. I also have gums, teeth, cheek and forehead of my left side. The day before this happened I was at the dentist and my jaw popped, so hard It felt like I had the wind kicked out of me. After many visits to many docs... Doc ...

Does abruptly stopping Zanaflex usually cause overall body pain or nausea?

Posted 29 Apr 2013 4 answers

I have been on 4mg of Zanaflex nightly for years as a preventative medication for migraines caused by TMJ and neck and shoulder soreness and stiffness. This weekend I ran out and probably cannot get more until Tuesday. I am having intense body pain (I rate it a "20"!) and nausea. No ...

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