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Why would a teenager have several pills marked L374?

What does a teenager use it for? I found 9 of the white pills marked L374 with a smooth back in his bag

Can alkaseltzer be used as a drug by teenagers?

What do they do with this?

Zoloft - Starting off on 100mg per day instead of 25mg per day and increase from there normal?

44 years old going through a separation and eventually a divorce and not really a depressed person but I do have anxiety issues and have had anxiety issues since I was a teenager. My doctor prescribed me 100 mg a day. I've looked at prescribing information on this site as well as other sites... read more

I just started Lyrica - how long does it take to build up in your system before you get results?

I am a 42 y/o Diabetic. I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago however I believe I had Diabetes for much longer. As a teenager (16) I started having seizures in my sleep. Thinking back I believe that those seizures were from low blood sugar. I remember having the symptoms of low blood sugar all throughout... read more

Buspirone - The doctor has just put my 15 year old niece on 5 mg of busperone. Is it safe for?

... teenagers and does anyone have experiences or success with a teenager on this medication. My niece has anxiety and worries about everything. Thanks in advance

Is it okay to drink alcohol while on Effexor?

I'm a college student who recently started taking Effexor and going out and drinking is a huge part in my social life. I know that it says don't drink while taking Effexor but I was wondering if there are actual detrimental effects. Can anyone who has taken Effexor while in college relate... read more

Why is my clitoris sore?

My clitoris has been sore on and off lately It started when I was at my boyfriends house a week ago but it went away until I was at home it started again for a good few hours and it hurt more I peed so I stopped drinking anything to do with sugar because growing up I had the same pain if I had to... read more

Is Ibuprofen at a 400mg dosage every 4-6 hours a good solution for moderate-severe period pains or?

... is there something better I could be taking? I am fifteen years of age and in good health. These moderate - severe period pains are very common on the first day of bleeding, often my stomach goes very tense and sometimes the pain is intense enough to make me vomit.

Does taking adderall cause muscle weakness and/or your physical shape to diminish if so, solutions?

Hello, my son is a 15 year old athlete/distance runner. Just a warning and apology ahead of time, this will be a long and detailed situation considering he is very eager to resolve this. 3 weeks ago today he started taking adderall in the morning and dextroamphetamines in the evening for his ADD.... read more

Can tobrex (tobramycin 0.3 % ) be used as ear drops ?

the doctor checked my ears n told me that there was no infection its just that there is a scratch on my ear drum and its red and there is wax pushed inside my ear . but there is no infection. when she told me that, i was relieved and i didnt experience any of the symptoms today so should i use... read more

How long does it take for olanzapine to work?

My teenager started olanzapine because he was having hallucinations and wouldn't sleep or eat. He started it a week ago and so far he is eating better but his sleep is still being interrupted and he is waking up at 3 and 4am and not hallucinating but acting hyper and talking to himself. He... read more

Desonide - What can I do about skin discoloration from the use of this product?

My teenager now has white spots around the whole nose/mouth area. He told me that it burns when he gets out of the shower. He initially started using the product because he gets these severe dry spots on his face. He is nice and tan most everywhere, but that one area.

What to do about late dose of olanzapine?

My family member just started on olanzapine a week ago. It's a teenager and last night he fell asleep before he had to take his dose of olanzapine. He woke up at 3am so I gave it to him then. How do I get back on schedule with the 8pm dose?

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