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Why would a teenager have several pills marked L374?

Posted 7 Feb 2013 by hollywood1971 7 answers

What does a teenager use it for? I found 9 of the white pills marked L374 with a smooth back in his bag

Can IBS be hereditary?

Posted 12 Aug 2013 by SJACadet 3 answers

My mum has IBS and over the last two years I have been getting some of the IBS symptoms pointed out by the NHS Choices website. I just wanted to know if I possibly might of inherited IBS.

Can alkaseltzer be used as a drug by teenagers?

Posted 24 Aug 2011 by cnewbery 4 answers

What do they do with this?

Is it okay to drink alcohol while on Effexor?

Posted 7 Aug 2017 by Banana345 3 answers

I'm a college student who recently started taking Effexor and going out and drinking is a huge part in my social life. I know that it says don't drink while taking Effexor but I was wondering if there are actual detrimental effects. Can anyone who has taken Effexor while in college relate ...

Can tobrex (tobramycin 0.3 % ) be used as ear drops ?

Posted 29 Jun 2016 by maya simon 1 answer

the doctor checked my ears n told me that there was no infection its just that there is a scratch on my ear drum and its red and there is wax pushed inside my ear . but there is no infection. when she told me that, i was relieved and i didnt experience any of the symptoms today so should i use ...

Zoloft - Starting off on 100mg per day instead of 25mg per day and increase from there normal?

Posted 9 Dec 2014 by tomcat72 4 answers

44 years old going through a separation and eventually a divorce and not really a depressed person but I do have anxiety issues and have had anxiety issues since I was a teenager. My doctor prescribed me 100 mg a day. I've looked at prescribing information on this site as well as other sites ...

20 and behaving badly - just a normal teenager or effects of Eltroxin?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by Mary Walsh 0 answers

I can't think of the next minute so am not aware of the consequences of my actions and I upset my parents. Everything I do is in the moment, and I've gotten into some scrapes. Is this just normal teenage behaviour or is it the effects of my under active thyroid medication? Or a bit of ...

Minivelle and acute acne? Has anyone else experienced a surge in acne, clogged pores and cysts?

Posted 30 Dec 2016 by Jdub143 0 answers

... since they began using Minivelle? I am even breaking out in places I never had pimples as a teenager--- hairline, neck, shoulders. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

Ortho Evra - having my period for 2 weeks between week 3 and 4?

Posted 6 Oct 2016 by Lauryn17 0 answers

Ive been using the patch for over a year now and its been great until last month I put on my patch on week 3 a day late and got my period , when I took my patch off the following week for my patch free week I continued to have my period there fore I had it for 2 weeks straight, that was fine I ...

How many others suffer from bone pain in there legs and arms, don't think it is growing pains?

Posted 18 Sep 2011 by kytteneyes 6 answers

I have had this since I was a teenager and was always told it was growing pains. I don't think I am growing any more, so what else can it be?

Overactive Bladder- medicine hasn't affected symptoms, what can I do?

Posted 11 Oct 2016 by Jamierae123 1 answer

I'm a teenager in secondary school and I'm unable to hold urine for over an hour at the best of times. Trying to sit through classes is impossible. I also suffer from the inability to hold in wind as a result of the pressure of my overactive bladder. I suffer regularly from utis and as a ...

I one some days I'm mental stronger then on others?

Posted 6 Sep 2016 by Acoder 0 answers

Hi, Over the last ~4 years I have knowest my intelligence is inconsistent. on some days I'm quite sharp while on others I made stupid mistakes (such as forgetting a basic step-by-step procedure among other things). normally I'm in a middle ground (60% of the time) details about me. ...

What can I do for Chronic migraines?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by Ria1015 2 answers

I am a teenager who has been experiencing major migraines for a couple of years now. Ive been to many doctors and my most recent doctor prescribed me maxalt(10mg) to help treat the migraines but the medication does not work at all. There is no specific time or date the I get migraines and they do ...

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