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Tachyarrhythmia Questions

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Can Mestinon be used to treat Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)?

Has anyone experienced a PE while on Xarelto?

I have been on Xarelto since switching from Cumadin a month ago and about a week ago I had sharp pains in my chest then three days ago I had an irregular fast heartbeat on the lower right side of my heart for about 30 minutes. Once that was over I had wheezing in my chest for the next 12 hrs with... read more

Metoprolol - Does anyone else experience vivid nightmares while taking this med?

I started taking this medicine 25 mg 2x a day due to a fast heart rate and I have SEVERE anxiety. The doctors did many tests in my 3 day hospital stay and everything came back normal! I was so scared yes everything was ok but again no one knew why I had a fast heart rate so they said I have severe... read more

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - would it be okay to smoke marijuana if you have POTS? i?

... can't find any information on this online and feel awkward asking my cardiologist

Viibryd - What if I cut the 10mg pill in half could I get the same results and less side effects?

The doctor gave me a trial sample, 7 days of 10 mg and 7 days of 20 mg. I tried it last night and it today I felt worse, agitated with diarrhea and fast heartbeat. i would like to continue it, but in smaller mg.

Pregabalin - Does Lyrica make someone really tired?

I've been prescribed Lyrics and PMS fluoxetine to treat my GAD, lyrica 75 mg twice a day, and it's making me really really tired. Yesterday I had fast heart rate, my doctor told me to keep taking them and if this happened again I should take have the amount she gave me, meaning one pill... read more

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

Supraventricular Tachycardia - For the last 40 years I have been taking disopyramide and...

... propranolol for STV. Disopyramide is becoming very hard to get now so I have been changed to diltiazem (Adizem 2 x 120mg slow release capsules) starting today. I have had to stop propranolol for twenty four hours before this change of drug. And disopyramide last one yesterday. I am feeling... read more

What high blood pressure medication does not cause hairloss?

I use Pearinda, Ciplovasc and something for fast heartbeat and they all cause hairloss. Please help!!!

Can I take Tylenol and Synthroid at the same time in the a.m.?

I have back spasms and need to take Tylenol in the morning. I am in the process of medical tests to ascertain why I am now suffering from tachycardia intermittently throughout the day. The tachy and the spasms may be related.

I just started Lisinopril 10mg today is red face and fast heart rate normal? I'm Also on Effexor XR?

... 150mg which I started Monday for severe anxiety. I'm a worry wart and want to make sure this is Nothing to worry about

Seroquel Side Effect - Tachycardia?

Was just diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia by my general physician, did echocardiogram heart structure and everything was fine. Holter monitor 24 hr showed heart was still beating too fast (sinus tachycardia). I'm concerned it could be the seroquel, but I'm wondering if its not the... read more

What are the effects of sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses?

do sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses cause tachycardia , hypotension, decrease cardiac output , or arrhythmias?. Are they contraindicated in thyrotoxicosis?

I have been taking metoprolol tartrate 25mg 1/2 tab twice a day for 30 days. Is it ok to stop?

I am 42 with no history of heart problems and went to the emergency room on 8/22/10 with fast heart rate (135bpm standing still with 145/90) and feeling like my heart was skipping beats. (It actually felt like someone tapping on my chest several times a day for two weeks prior.) I stayed overnight... read more

How long will it take for Metoprolol to stop my heart skips?

I have been taking Metoprolol Er Sucinate 25 MG for 3 days now and my heart is still skipping beats?I went to the ER the other night and I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia with premature atrial complexes and I was prescribed 25mg of metoprolol er succinate but the "heart skips" have... read more

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