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Substance Questions

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Is Vyvanse a controlled substance / narcotic drug?

Is Belbuca a controlled substance?

Is Xyrem a controlled substance / narcotic drug of abuse?

Is Dyanavel XR a controlled substance?

Is Symproic a controlled substance?

Why is my alprazolam 1mg tablets turning into fine powder when I store it correctly?

I get this particular medicine filled every month and for the past three months straight it has been disintegrating and turning into a fine powder substance and this has been making me run short of this medication every month now. I want you to know that I store it correctly and nobody besides my... read more

Pharmacy - Can you get a refill on a non controlled substance early?

I got a tizanidine 1 pill a day filled on 2/14/17 it had three refills on it. Tried to refill 2/27/17, pharmacist would not refill. Why is that?

Recently gabapentin has been made into a controlled substance.Does this mean its a scheduled drug?

I am curious which schedule it falls under?

Is Adderall a controlled substance?

I used Monistat 1 day Day or night treatment around 12:30 and I just went to used the bathroom now?

... at 3:50 and when I got up there was a white substance in the toilet.. Did the medicine come out ? And will it still be effective considering that it only came with one treatment ?

Duloxetine - Is it a controlled substance?

Why do some pharmacies say they can't refill your controlled substance schedule 4 until three days?

Before time and u can't pay oi t of pocket to get early when at a different pharmacy you can pay out of pocket to get early and it even goes through insurance before the three days like the other pharmacy says it's to soon?

In Pennsylvania, is Neurontin/gabapentin a controlled substance yet?

If not, is 'misbranding' a valid charge for having a couple them in an empty Subtext bottle for travel storage? (I tossed original gabapentin bottle because it was too big.)

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