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Can Tramadol make you hypersensitive with the pain you were originally prescribed the tramadol for?

Posted 17 Mar 2014 6 answers

I have chronic Osteoarthritis of my cervical / lumbar spine with multilevel stenosis and neural compromise, I now have the Osteoarthritis in my hands mainly my thumb joints are badly worn causing crepitus and a extreme toothache type pain 24/7 . All my main joints ache/are painful and are stiff. My ...

Is gabapentin 300mg x3 a day for my lamber spinal stenosis too small dose? I am in constant pain?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 3 answers

I top it up with Tramadol 50g PRC up to 6 tabs a day which gives me a bit of relief. More than this my body will start itching. I also take 25 mg amitryptrine at night. Should I ask my GP to increase the Gabapentin dose? I am 54 yrs. Thx

What anti-inflammation medicine can I take safely while taking Xarelto?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 1 answer

I have serious pain in my back caused by stenosis an inflammation. I am on Xarelto for clotting problems. What over the counter medication can I take safely for anti-inflammation while taking Xarelto?

Can simvastatin cause muscle tightness in shoulders and neck..been on 10mgs for over a year?

Posted 5 Apr 2014 3 answers

I also have herniated disc with spinal stenosis according to MRI but only have neck and shoulder stiffness ... came off simvastatin for almost 2 weeks and less muscle tightness. ..can this drug cause disc issues or aggravate them ? If it wasn't for muscle tightness I wouldn't have had MRI ...

Meloxicam - will meloxican work for spinal stenosis?

Posted 11 May 2014 2 answers

I have pain in lower back and down both legs. Have been on celebrex for like forever. Always looking for the drug that will help the most. I am also on cymbalta, norco 10-325, horizant and flexerl. Still in more pain than want. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How long can you safely take 300mg. Gabapentin, 3X daily?

Posted 29 Apr 2015 1 answer

I have had 2 back surgeries including a double-fusion using my own bone. After 20 years I developed terrible back pain and sciatica. An MRI showed significant arthritis, calcification and stenosis. I also have migraines and the Gabapentin has helped a lot in both areas, with minimal side effects.

Voltaren gel not covered for spine with the insurance provider?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 3 answers

I had used Voltarten gel some time ago for my elbow, worked great. Recently I went to the spine doctor as I have spinal stenosis in L4 L5 of the spine. Over time, arthritis has built up and I have much inflammation. My spine doctor wrote me a script for Voltaren gel. Under the BCBS Utilization ...

Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Surgery for it?

Posted 20 Nov 2015 3 answers

I've had these conditions since at least 2009. They were so minor back then that the Dr. didn't even tell me to come back. For the past 3 yrs they've become worse. Now I can barely walk 2 blocks, I can no longer stand up straight, going up stairs is very difficult, and it's ...

Trying Cymbalta for the first time and nervous?

Posted 21 Jul 2018 4 answers

I suffer with terrible anxiety and I also have fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and a host of other pain related issues. My doctor has prescribed Cymbalta and I now have anxiety about taking this medication. I understand that some people have had difficulties, however, I am hoping to hear some ...

What are some of the members comments in the pain support group re: Neurontin vs. Lyrica?

Posted 27 Oct 2018 2 answers

I have severe spinal stenosis in my back & neck resulting in numbness & tingling in hands and feet. Currently, using 100 mg. of Lyrica a day ( which is for my Fibromyalgia ,but can also be used for nerve pain. My Psychiatrist wants me to add Gabapentin to my mix of drugs for pain. When I ...

Hi! I am 39 years old.. I was diagnosed with Lower Lumbar Spinal Stenosis over 6 years ago. I had 3?

Posted 14 May 2014 4 answers

... cortisone shots after diagnosis, then nothing until about a year ago when I was referred to the pain clinic and from there physio. I just came back from my doctor the other day where he prescribed Gabapentin 100mg 3x day.. I find it works for about a half hour or so, so I started taking 2 in ...

Help!!! My mother has severe spinal stenosis?

Posted 5 Jun 2014 1 answer

Help!!! My mother has severe spinal stenosis, last year at about this time our summer was going great. We were making plans to do stuff with my little girl and things were going great. Next thing you know, she is complaining of severe leg and back pain. It got to be so bad that it made her blood ...

Taper - Can meloxicam 7.5mg cause constipation?

Posted 26 Aug 2018 2 answers

I take meloxicam 7.5mg as needed for my cervical & spinal stenosis in addition to osteoarthritis. Is there someone in the support group that can answer my question re: this drug?

Why is my urine causing dark brown stains on my pad and underwear?

Posted 12 Oct 2018 1 answer

I am elderly woman with thyroid disease, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and I take lots of medicines and supplements. So I am wondering what may be causing brown stains in underwear and pads I use? I have incontinence and need to wear pads because of it. And it has quite an odor to it also. Could ...

Endocet - why can't I get pain meds for severe nerve pain from a cervical spine injury?

Posted 6 Dec 2013 3 answers

I have herniated cervical spine discs, spinal stenosis, and severe nerve damage and pain similar to neuropathy from left side torso down to tip of my toes.

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