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Stiff/sore neck, very hard time looking up and down? Won't go away?

Posted 9 Mar 2015 by nlawson567 3 answers

Yesterday in the middle of the day I noticed my neck was stiff and very sore. Especially the very back of the neck, from the base of my skull all the way down to my shoulder. It's very hard to touch my chin to my chest, I can feel my muscle straining and it feels painful. It also hurts to look ...

Hi I am a 44 yr old female with multiple back problems. spondylolisthesis spinal stenosis?

Posted 24 Apr 2017 by faith2b 1 answer

... degenerative disc disease and facet disease ThoraCIC kyphosis any help would be so appreciated. I am in so much pain... any surgery? I take pain meds but its so bad the meds don't help much!

How long does this last?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by stenosissurvivor 2 answers

I was in a pain management clinic for cervical spinal stenosis. My house was burgarlarized last fall, I have a police report, and recently, I went on a trip with some friends I did not know well, and somebody replaced my 10/325 oxycodone with acetaminophen tablets. (I had the pharmacy check them. I ...

Is gabapentin 300mg x3 a day for my lamber spinal stenosis too small dose? I am in constant pain?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by concott 3 answers

I top it up with Tramadol 50g PRC up to 6 tabs a day which gives me a bit of relief. More than this my body will start itching. I also take 25 mg amitryptrine at night. Should I ask my GP to increase the Gabapentin dose? I am 54 yrs. Thx

Voltaren gel not covered for spine with the insurance provider?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 by Net3 3 answers

I had used Voltarten gel some time ago for my elbow, worked great. Recently I went to the spine doctor as I have spinal stenosis in L4 L5 of the spine. Over time, arthritis has built up and I have much inflammation. My spine doctor wrote me a script for Voltaren gel. Under the BCBS Utilization ...

Back Pain - Is anyone living with a collapsed disk?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by Kgisabell 1 answer

I'm from a collapsed disc, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. I'm seeing my neurologist who has just referred me to an orthopedic surgeon but I've had two back surgeries years ago that was performed by a neurosurgeon and I'm just a little concerned seeing an ...

Gabapentin - leg and feet cramping all night?

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by roamer12 1 answer

Started gabepentin 100 mg 2x day about 3 weeks ago for spinal stenosis and now I am getting 5 to 6 nightly foot and leg cramps. Could this be realated. The time frame fits.

Spinal Stenosis - Anyone notice each year this gets worse and worse?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 by Colleenkelly 2 answers

I was diagnosed a few years ago... noone could believe because I walked 3 miles a day... now I can barely walk to my corner.

How effective is the Fentinal patch with a person who has spinal stenosis?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by Berly2u 2 answers

My mom is 80 years old and just had major back surgery 3 weeks ago. She has spinal stenosis as well as dementia and is in excruciating pain. No medication has helped at all and I have been trying to get a doctor to prescribe the Fentinal patch for her. She has had no relief of pain from spinal ...

Can my overdue iud cause pain in my lowerback buttocks hips and legs . Like a pulled muscle ? Achey?

Posted 17 Mar 2016 by Jamidonges 0 answers

I have spinal stenosis in my lower back and degenerative disc disease. I had a problem years ago with the copper i u d . But now the pain is excruciating . My lower back aches it feels like a pulled muscle in my hips buttocks and thighs . My outer lower half of legs ache .

Depression - I am 6 weeks postop from back surgery. My surgery was explained to me as they went in?

Posted 27 Dec 2015 by LUANN H 3 answers

... an cleaned everything up (spinal stenosis) and slipped disc no fusion was done. I am feeling very sad and crying all the time. I think everyone feels like I should just be back to my old self. i'm NOT I still have back pain and muscle spasms. My pain management Dr (physicans assistant) is ...

Venlafaxine - Can this drug help with neuropathy pain?

Posted 14 Nov 2015 by My love 3 answers

Have spinal stenosis (age68) failed back srg in '07..had severe nerve pain for 4yrs went away for 4 yrs and is now suddenly back..dx with peripheral neuropathy & had all txs & drugs ..wanted to know if venlafaxine is used for nerve pain as is dulaxitne (cymbalta) is too expensive

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