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What is the difference between Sotalol and Sotalol AF?

Posted 27 Aug 2009 1 answer

Is there an additional drug or different salt used?

I take sotalol 80mg and coreg. I always feel tired. Anybody else?

Posted 28 Jun 2012 8 answers

I also had AFIB but had 2 ablations and fine now with meds. Besides tiredness sometimes I get heart palpatations. My Dr. says side effect from sotalol. Anybody else get these feelings?

My boyfriend is taking Sotalol 80mg tab. He has been having problems with sexual activities?

Posted 22 Dec 2013 4 answers

He has been having problems with erections. He has tried taking Viagra and that didnt even help. He stopped taking this medication because he wants his sex life back. Is the problem with the sexual activities long term or will it stop once the medication is out of his system?

Do nexium and pepcid contain aluminum or magnesium?

Posted 4 Jan 2016 1 answer

I'm taking Sotalol and there is a warning on that prescription bottle not to take this within two hour of taking an antacid that does contain aluminum or magesium

Can sotalol be given with metoprolol ?

Posted 23 Mar 2014 1 answer

Can you take sotalol and viagra together?

Posted 8 Dec 2013 2 answers

Just been diagnosed finally that I do have a heart arythmia, and need surgery?

Posted 11 Feb 2013 6 answers

Just put on a new medication called Sotalol, 120mg twice a day. It is lowering my heart rate from a medium of 136 to 110. But the headaches coming with this are killing me, the Dr. doesn't want to take me off because he believes the medication is working and we can work with the headaches. My ...

What effect does dairy have on sotalol?

Posted 12 Apr 2012 1 answer

I have been on the 80mg 2x day for two years and just started getting symptoms again. Could dairy too close to dosage be affecting?

Do you have to be hospitalized to go on Sotalol?

Posted 16 Feb 2014 4 answers

I am in A-fib, and have been in it regularly for over 2 yrs. About 2011, a new Cardiologist took me off of Sotalol, since I continued to revert back into A-FIb. After much time and multiple cardio-version attempts (5), and about a year taking the horrendous amiodarone that was followed by a ...

Wife tkg Sotalol AF for Afib/Afl for years.Last refill,Sotalol instead.Any problem? Same Md? Thx ?

Posted 14 Nov 2017 1 answer

We were told by our cardiologist's assistant that they were the same thing, same drug. My husband, who is not a physician, says they are not the same, and the secondary effects of taking Sotalol instead, could potentially be life-threatening because I have afib ( in the atrium) and not ...

Do I take sotalol on a full or empty stomach?

Posted 23 Aug 2013 3 answers

My pharmacy told me to take on an empty stomach for the last 5yrs but now my prescription say to take with food. ! take this drug for A-fib

Does Sotalol AF lower blood pressure?

Posted 30 Oct 2016 1 answer

Can Sotalol lower blood pressure?

Posted 15 Nov 2009 1 answer

For the first time in over four years, I missed a dose of my Sotalol, any side effects?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 2 answers

I forgot to take my evening dose. When I woke up this morning, I noticed it was still in my pill bottle. I took my morning dose. Has anyone else ever missed a dose? Any side effects from having missed a dose? Thanks!

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