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Anyone using Herbalife shakes?

Posted 22 Mar 2014 by alexis333 2 answers

I recently started drinking the healthy meal shakes (not the diet shakes) from Herbalife and have noticed a feeling of shakiness, weakness in legs and anxiety. The label says it contains dietary fibers, could this be in the form of an artificial sweetener such as aspertame, etc? Or could it have an ...

OK to take propranolol 1x month for performance anxiety if take candesartan (8) and Amlodipine (5)?

Posted 11 days ago by jackie032 0 answers

Is it safe to add one Propranolol pill every month to my current daily routine of Amlodipine (5) and Candesartan (8) ? Every month, I need to perform, but my hands shake and chest feels tight. Tried one propranolol last week and was calm and played beautifully. I would like that to happen again.

Venlafaxine - I recently started taking my Effexor again and I'm really shaky and wobbly?

Posted 11 days ago by alexisforgues_3 0 answers

And since I have been taking them I feel like I can't walk and I can't hold things because my hands are going to shake and I'm going to fall over and drop them and actually scared to go and get into my car and have to drive to work because I I don't feel like myself I just feel ...

What can help with shaking/ tremors/ trembling that has no psychological cause?

Posted 8 Feb 2018 by gin4442018 1 answer

At times I shake/ tremble so severely that it impairs my ability to do even the simplest tasks- such as writing, typing, talking, grasping and holding objects, and is just generally very uncomfortable. It feels as if I am "vibrating" on the inside. Can taking gabapentin when I feel like ...

Does clonidine make kids jerk or shake?

Posted 4 Feb 2018 by Blueeyez29 1 answer

My son is 9 and takes clonidine for the first time last night then today he fell asleep and he started to jerk and shake. Is that normal?

Will nerve renew help with a benign tremor?

Posted 9 Jan 2018 by Juniort 0 answers

I have been prescribed gabepentin but after looking at the side effects I'd rather have the tremor. Seeing some it seems to be neurological I was wondering if nerve renew can help. I shake down my left side of the body and apparently there is no cure but I don't believe this for one ...

Need help!!! Feel like I'm losing my mind?

Posted 13 Dec 2017 by Mikeyo82 1 answer

I've been taking cipralex for 4 weeks and it made my symptoms worse... shakes, hand tremors, feeling cold all the time, crying. Doctor just switched me to pritsiq... any thoughts on how long before I feel better? I've been really struggling with this. Everything started when I thought my ...

Mifepristone - I just started taking Korlym 2 1/2 months ago. Since then, I have gained 10 pounds?

Posted 10 Dec 2017 by Cwilson61309 0 answers

... very quickly. Legs and hands are swollen a little. I also have chest congestion that I cannot seem to shake. Doc told me that people lose weight after being on Korlym for 4-6 months. Has anyone experienced this? Getting worried because I don’t need to gain weight!! Thanks! Connie

Microgestin FE 1.5/30 - Can whey protein shakes be taken while on mircrogestin 1.5/30 be?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by Johx231 0 answers

I’ved used this form of contraception before I got off it because insurance problems. It worked well for me .Now I’m back on it but I take a strong whey protein shake for fitness purposes I was wondering if that would have any interaction or make the pill less effective?

Will mirtazipine help me?

Posted 2 Oct 2017 by shaward 1 answer

Suffer bad anxiety.never relax always overthinking.shakes sweats.never clear and happy minded like I used to be.worry as soon as I go out.specially in crowds.i hope this helps me.i need something to work.many thanks readers and commenters.

Allergic Reactions - I was stung by something flying ,an insect. I think I saw something about the?

Posted 23 Sep 2017 by auxano76 0 answers

... length of the pointing finger. ER said yellow jacket. ER prescribed prednisone 60 mg once daily for 5 days. Benadryl 50 every 4 hours. Does this make you shake.? The shaking is in left arm where bitten 7 times. Would this be too much Prednisone ? Does it make you weak.

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