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Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors Questions

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SSRI’s vs SNRI’s - What's the difference between them?

What are some common side effects of antidepressants?

What's the difference between SSRI's and SNRI's?

I was talking to my therapist about mine and my mom's anxiety medicine. I'm taking Zoloft and she's taking Cymbalta. I was talking to my therapist about how my mom wants me to get out on what she's taking but my therapist was saying that it was a different class of drugs and... read more

Has anyone tried Trintellix or have an opinion on it?

I have a hard time with stomach issues when on SSRI's and SNRI's. Have had to stop meds months after being on them due to nausea, weight loss and bad side effects. I am confused about why the psych doc prescribed this, as it has a high incidence of causing nausea. Has anyone tried it and... read more

Best way to switch from Duloxetine (Cymbalta) to Fluoxetine (Prozac)?

I've recently been prescribed 20mg Prozac instead of my daily 30mg Cymbalta, to hopefully help with the relentless fatigue. I understand Cymbalta is SNRI, and Prozac SSRI. Can I clean switch to Prozac? Do I start Prozac whilst tapering off Cymbalta? Or do I taper off Cymbalta entirely... read more

Why does Cymbalta make me so tired?

Cymbalta has been the only antidepressant that has worked for me so far, but it makes me so exhausted. I could fall asleep on the floor any moment. Why is Cymbalta causing such extreme fatigue?

How long before the brain returns to normal after stopping SSRI/SNRIs?

I took SSRI and SNRIs for almost 20 years and stopped taking them gradually, the latest of these being Abilify which I stopped in Nov. 2017 and Cymbalta which I stopped in February 2018. I understand that the brain has to relearn how to transport serotonin once you no longer take these type of... read more

Cymbalta vs Effexor for energy??

Cymbalta makes me so exhausted. Would Effexor do the same? Has anyone switched from Cymbalta to Effexor with any success?

Please can I have positive stories on Nardil?

Been on every SSRI in 24 yrs. Lexapro worked well for 12 yrs then it pooped out. Then no other seemed to work again. I tried SNRI Pristiq for 6 wks and my heart raced the whole time and increased anxiety. I’m going off for 14 days to get ready to start Nardil. I need something to work. Feel... read more

Trintellix - How long does it take for people to feel any improvement on average?

I have been on different anti-depressants for 30 years TCA's, SSRI and SNRI. Some i have taken worked for periods of time for example I had been on Lexapro 20mg for about 8 years and like others it stopped working. My Doctor put me on a TCA Doxepin and worked up to 200mg at bedtime Less... read more

Dr. has decided to switch me from Fluoxetine to Venlafaxine and I am terrified! What is the...

... difference between an SSRI and an SNRI? How will the side effects differ? My main struggle is daily anxiety, racing thoughts, and my agoraphobia is getting worse. Is there actually a Med that helps agoraphobia or do you just have to face it head on?

Anybody taking Vraylar for anxiety?

Went to see a new doctor about my anxiety. I’ve tried many SSRI’s, SNRI’s etc. She wants to try me on Vraylar. I’ve been reading a lot online and I’m confused since I don’t have bipolar and seems Vraylar is for that. Anyone talking it for anxiety?

Any experiences of mirtazapine (Remeron) with SSRI/SNRI for depression, anxiety and poor sleep?

What are your experiences with this combo, especially if you’ve tried them separately and then together? What does this combo do for you vs each of these meds separately?

Next step SSRI vs SNRI or stay on what I am on? How to know what to do next?

I have been on Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and now Lexapro. All this in the last 20 years. I was on Zoloft the longest. That started not working after months and up to a year adjusting dosages. I started on Lexapro 60 days ago and found in the last week of that 60 days was very off. Off like anxiety... read more

Anyone tried ketamine for anxiety?

I have treatment resistant anxiety and nightmares. I’ve tried SSRIs and SNRI along with buspirone and clonazepam. While the benzo helps, (I’ve taken the same dose for 10 years) doctors are really against prescribing them even though they help more than anything. I’ve had cognitive... read more

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