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What to do when your insurance won't cover Saxenda and you can't afford $1200 per month?

Posted 28 Mar 2016 by mroyster 2 answers

My Insurance doesn't cover Saxenda but I would really like to try it but I can't afford the $1200 per month for the cost of the medication. I have tried every weight loss program / pill without successful results. I have also tried to appeal to the insurance company without results. Any ...

Saxenda - How can I stop the nausea and vomiting?

Posted 30 Aug 2015 by SEXYJURZE 2 answers

Saxenda - I've had great results the first week in terms of weight loss, but the nausea and vomiting are unbearable. I've been using it for exactly 7 days, and I've been sick for 4 out of the 7 days. Is there anything I can take with Saxenda to stop the nausea and vomiting?

How much does qsymia cost without insurance?

Posted 28 May 2015 by alena312 3 answers

Iam looking into medication that will help me with my weight loss. I currently need to lose 60lb. My dr suggested saxenda or belviqu ithink thatis how you spellit. But after doing my research I foundthat this medication might be more effective. I am curious of how much it would cost me monthly. I ...

Saxenda - So what happens when you go off it? My main concern is can I...

Posted 11 days ago by Kjolds 0 answers

... lose weight it's maintaining? Need help

I’ve been on Saxenda for about 6 weeks and I’ve only lost 3 pounds. I don’t have an eating?

Posted 16 days ago by Tonya1aka08 0 answers

... plan but I rarely eat. Should I just stop taking it? Any suggestions?

Liraglutide - Can blood track back into the Saxenda pen? If yes, should the pen be discarded?

Posted 25 Oct 2017 by rushrup 1 answer

Ty Can I still use the pen though ???

Saxenda - Making you grumpy?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by Aberthnot 0 answers

I have been on Saxenda for 5 days and am ramping up. I've not had any problems with nausea, but I'm getting really grumpy. I haven't changed my diet all that much as I was dieting already, so I am wondering if this is a Saxenda side effect?

I have been on Saxenda since the 1st of June and have now lost 49lb ... went from 198lb to 149lb?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Ktb83 0 answers

... and am at the 2.4ml dose. Although my results have been outstanding! I am now noticing ALOT of very troubling hair loss! Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks in advance

Anyone else have Saxenda stop working?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by Memphis2010 0 answers

I started Saxenda in May of 2015. I lost 30 or so pounds in 6 months. I felt awesome. I stayed on it but I noticed I began to gain a few pounds. Nothing had changed. Asked my doctor he said stop and start again. Kick start it. Well that didn't work. I tried that on and off for a year. Now all ...

I started Saxenda a week ago and am only at the .6 mg dose. My stomach hurts constantly?

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by Kristyleanne 0 answers

Will that side effect go away? How long will it last?

Saxenda - I have been on Saxenda for over a week now and am eating less than 1400 calories a day....

Posted 11 Oct 2017 by Chani132 0 answers

... and my weight hasn't decreased and I feel heavy even though I go to the gym

How does Saxenda interact with anxiety medication?

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by CarolinaSC 0 answers

I am on Zoloft for panic attacks and general anxiety. I have put on some weight and am trying to shed some of those pounds. I have changed my eating habits and started exercising 5 days a week, but lost nothing. My doctor determined that I am very insulin resistant and recommended I start Saxenda ...

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