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Generic Wellbutrin SR - which is more like brand? "Sandoz" Bupropion SR or "Mylan" Bupropion SR?

Posted 9 Dec 2017 2 answers

Asking for recent personal experiences with these two generics of the Brand name Wellbutrin SR - if anyone is getting effective relief with one or the other? Does anyone have as good success with the generic as they did when insurance covered brand name? If so, which generic? Thanks in advance for ...

Looking for Actavis clonazepam pink round r33?

Posted 8 Jan 2018 5 answers

Does anyone know where I can find this medication? I've been on it for years and it works great for me. I recently refilled my prescription and they gave me Sandoz clonazepam and it is absolutely horrible it does not work and the side effects are bad. Help

Anyone Taken the MALLINCKRODT Generic Adderall IR?

Posted 22 Jun 2014 7 answers

I have been taking generic Adderall IR 20mg for about 3 years. During that time, I have used Barr/Teva, Corepharma, and Sandoz. This month, June 2014, I received a generic brand I had never taken. The manufacturer is: Mallinckrodt I know may people will say "this is all in my mind" but ...

What is the difference between clonazepam by Sandoz & Actavis manufactures.

Posted 16 Aug 2018 2 answers

I was switched to Teva clonazepam 0.5mg in 2017 and it worked OK and it was close to Sandoz (best), now it is no longer available. I am now on Actavis which seems to have a shorter duration. I'm in CA, USA. Does,anyone know what is going on with clonazepam generic drugs?

Has anyone tried generic brand Sandoz for clonazepam?

Posted 16 Oct 2018 3 answers

I was on Sandoz 1mg for about 20 years & it worked great. In 2017 my pharmacy gave me Teva for clonazepam as they no longer carried Sandoz. Then in 2018 Teva stopped making clonazepam & now the choices are Accord, Actavis & I hear some have Sandoz is available in 0.5mg only. Has anyone ...

Xanax 2mg Greenstone or Actavis?

Posted 15 Nov 2018 1 answer

I’ve been on benzos for years, currently I get 60 2mg I month. Through the years I learned Mylan is just garbage, I use to like Dava but the last time I went with them they were junk. Sandoz are ok. This time I got Greenstone which is a subsidiary of Pfizer, so they are made in the same ...

Adderall XR - Does Sandoz amphetamine come in extended release or just immediate release?

Posted 15 Apr 2015 1 answer

Right now the only generic adderall that works for me is Sandoz. I'm currently on IR 20mg twice a day but I need to find out if generic Sandoz comes in extended release as well.

Does anyone know where I can find nadolol by Sandoz pharmaceuticals? Can't find it anywhere?

Posted 4 days ago 0 answers

Nadolol by Sandoz does not have as many non-active ingredients as others. My mom needs it as she has reactions/allergies to other brands.

Brand or generic Wellbutrin /SR?

Posted 1 Aug 2017 1 answer

How do I get Brand name Wellbutrin SR? I've been on Buproprion for 10 years. The pharmacy changed the generic company on me 2 weeks ago from Solco 200mg SR brand to Sandoz 200 mg SR. About a week ago I became so depressed I have been miserable. Crying all the time, tired, irritable to the ...

What is the best generic alternative for Xanax? I live in California and cannot seem to find...

Posted 5 Aug 2018 1 answer

... Sandoz alprazolam anymore. It has worked for me many years as a sleep aid.

I need help finding a decent fentanyl matrix patch since Sandoz and Teva are unavailable. Thank you?

Posted 22 Sep 2018 1 answer

My question is about the availability of different transdermal fentanyl patches. I'm aware the gels are now unavailable, which I've never tried anyway. I've always used the matrix and have had problems in the past with certain patches not lasting 72 hours. Until I used the 50mcg ...

Has anyone been on Citalopram Sandoz before taking Pristiq? If so, what are the major differences?

Posted 3 Jan 2015 2 answers

I took Citalopram for 6 months 5 years ago while going through a treatment for another illness, as one of the side effects of the treatment was depression - the citalopram was in order to buffer the effects of the treatment itself. I felt really well, balanced and able to deal with situations and ...

Generic Wellbutrin SR - less side effects, good results - which one?

Posted 17 Jan 2018 1 answer

150 mg Bupropion SR --- I like the one made by Sandoz and I like the one made by Mylan. Anyone have any bad side effects, or good results, from either of these generics of Wellbutrin SR 150 mgs? Or any other generic of it?

Fluoxetine not working increased anxiety, bad thoughts?

Posted 27 Sep 2018 2 answers

I have been on Fluoxetine for 17 years with good results... over the last couple months since Sandoz brand is no longer being manufactured, I have tried the Alembic brand,( 20mg) which left me feeling like I wanted to throw up all day and a burning stabbing pain in my stomach. I then switched to ...

Has anyone been told that Sandoz will no longer be making alprazolam? And if so, what is most...

Posted 14 Nov 2018 0 answers

... like it? I am struggling with other brands that do not help me.

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