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What is the difference between Perseris and Risperdal Consta?

Risperidone - At what dose does weight gain become an issue?

I am about to take my first dose of risperidone. I've had some really bad reactions to many medications in the past, but I haven't given up yet. Researching this med online, I read many comments about significant weight gain - even going from underweight to massively obese. This concerns... read more

Risperdal/Risperidone Withdrawal Side Effects?

I am currently taking 1mg to sometimes 2mg doses of Risperdal/Risperidone. What are the withdrawal effects with my dosage? Is it true paranoia (hallucinations) and delusions would occur? Or just mild irritability/ticking/twitching?

How long does it take for risperidone to work?

Can the following meds give false positive for methamphetamine or amphetamine selegiline,?

... lamotrigine, risperidone, topiramate , mobic, aciphex, sprivia, ventolin, advair, or combipatch thanks

How to discontinue low dose risperidone?

I have been taking 1 mg of risperidone a day for about 6 months. I wanted to ask if any of you managed to stop this drug, how he did it and how long it took. Thanks

Can I cut a 2mg tablet of risperidone in half to get 1mg or do I need a new percription?

My doctor suggested lowering the dose because I'm having a side effect (blinking) but I didn't think I needed to. Now it's worse and I want to lower the dose tonight.

What are alternatives to risperidone?

Is there an alternative to risperidone? My my daughter is bipolar & still hears voices in her head ☹️

Risperidone for anxiety, will it get better?

I am on Risperidone as of a month ago. I started at .25 twice a day. I just got out on 1.5 mg a week ago from 1mg. It’s only been a week and I feel better but my ocd and anxiety is still always in the back of my mind. Will this ever stop with this medication, do I need to be more patient or... read more

I'am getting off of risperidone, went from 3mg to 2mg and now down to taking 1mg. Feeling real?

... weird now and legs are twitching a little. How long will this last? Ben

What can I take for bi-polar that won't make my hair fall out?

Am on lithium 300mg,and geodon 80mg a day,have significant hair loss,what can I use for bi-polar Have used paxil,risperidone in the past for my depresssion,and bi-polar,currently on geodon,lithium citalopram in am and prazocin at night for nightmares,my cond. Is improved but I have significant hair... read more

Is bladder control affected by the use of Clonidine HCL, Focalin XR or Risperidone in children?

My grandson is six years old and is on Clonidine HCL, Focalin XR and Risperidone. He has problems going to the bathroom in time to urinate and a real problem with bed-wetting. He also has a real problem being alone in the bathroom at school or at home as well as in any other room of the house... read more

How long for risperidone to take effect?

I have taken risperidone (0.5mg) for 12 days out of 21 now. Should I have felt some effects by now or does it take longer? Or is it subtle? I understand its a low dosage though. PS I meet my doctor in 9 days from now to talk about my treatment. But I don't know if he will continue the... read more

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