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Restasis Questions

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How many times can you use a vial of Restasis?

How long does it take for Restasis to work?

Does Restasis need to be refrigerated?

How effective is Restasis for dry eyes?

Can you use other eye drops with Restasis?

Can Restasis and Xiidra be used together?

What is the difference between Cequa and Restasis?

How does Xiidra differ from OTC dry eye treatments?

How long do you need to use Restasis? Forever?

Just wondering since my eye doctor did not give me a yes or no answer to this question. And this drug works well for me but my prescription, each time for 4 months is $215.00.

Has anyone else developed cancer after being on restasis?

I was very healthy, was put on restasis for dry eye. several months later 2 malignant melanomas, then blood cancer. research shows it is an immune suppressant and causes cancer, so there must be others out there with this experience. Thx

I have two shrink wrapped containers of Restasis with the expiration date of 2/2013. What is the?

... actual shelf life, or do I need to toss them after the expiration date?

Is it normal to have a burning sensation in eyes after using Restasis?

I've only been using this product for a few days, but have a burning or stinging sensation for most of the day when using it. It's not unbearable but it's not that comfortable either. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

Restasis has just been prescribed for me by my ophthalmologist, but my family doctor insists it does

... not work and is against me taking it. I know this is a general question, but does this stuff really help? My severe dry eye has caused corneal abrasions

Restasis - what happens if you use the vial twice instead of once?

I'm currently using this expensive eye drops, a vial has enough med for 2 dosages, what happens if I save the vial for the next dosage instead of discard it?

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