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Depo-Provera - I've been bleeding on the Depo shot for the past month, when will it end?

Is there anything I can take to stop the spotting/bleeding? It's ruining my relationship. I hate it.

My boyfriend cummed in me more then once within 48 hours but Ive taken Plan B within the 48??

My boyfriend and I are very Intimate since its the beginning of our new relationship Im not on BC because Ive had bad experience with it. I had sex with him and he blew in me twice I was going to get Plan B and told him but got side tracked so I had sex again the next night and he cummed in me... read more

Mirena - Hi, has anyone had their partner have an allergic reaction to mirena?

My partner has been getting a rash and irritation on his penis after sex, when we are abstinent the rash goes away and then comes back when we have sex again. Curious if anyone has had this problem or something similar to it, any comments or advice appreciated.

When taking the morning after pill, does it cause depression?

I am a 20 year old female who took the Plan B pill on the 22/01/19. I am in a healthy relationship. However after taking the pill I started feeling insecure in my relationship even though my boyfriend would reassure me everything was fine and that he loved me which I do believe. We have been... read more

Depo-Provera - Has anyone's sex-drive came back after stopping the Depo?

I had taken the Depo shot, I got bloated, cramps, acne on my shoulders, back and some on my face. I lost my sex-drive. I began to question my relationship and wonder if it's what I really want, been more irritated at work. I have switched to the BC pills from before the shot (Tri-lo-Marzia). I... read more

I used Metronidazole Vaginal Gel for a BV infection, Will it be ok?

I've never had a problem with odor down there and after not having sex for about 2 years I now recently am in a relationship and started having sex again. My boyfriend told me that there was a horrible odor that was turning him off, I was mordified :( I went to my gyno who said it was a light... read more

How to go about increased anxiety/acne after removal of Nexplanon?

Hi there, I had the implant (Nexplanon) removed a little over a year ago. Mainly due to the fact that it was mildly making me break out and I was no longer in a relationship and felt that I had no use for it as well as seeing more research about how progestin can be harmful to reproductive health,... read more

How can I make a Plan to Quit Smoking?

Has anyone became more irritable and angry in their relationships since taking Mydayis?

I’m 45 was diagnosed with ADHD about 10 years ago. I have been taking Vyvanse a majority of this time. The highest dose 60 mg for prob 5-6 years now. Requested a switch because Vyvanse is really expensive. Doc prescribed 50 mg Mydayis two months ago. I’ve been married 24 years,... read more

Citalopram 20mg tablets feel like I'm.going crazy?

I have been on 10mg citroplam for years but not talking them properly like I should... anyways I have gone through a break up 10 year relationship mutual decision we have 2 young children whom I love so so much I have moved into a 2 bed flat to be close to them but since I moved out the depression... read more

Divalproex sodium and Synthroid interaction?

Is there a relationship between divalproex sodium and Synthroid? Does divalproex sodium have an effect on TSH for example?

Could I be pregnant? Every month i have a contraceptive injection?

I took the contraceptive injectable on March 3, Had relationships without a condom on March 9, after that I had no more sexual intercourse, I'm complaining for 4 days of morning sickness but only this, I take contraceptives every month. Could I be pregnant?

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