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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Questions

Related terms: Causalgia, RSD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS, RSDS, Shoulder-hand syndrome, Sudeck's atrophy, RSD, Causalgia

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Should gabapentin be taken with food?

Lyrica and Weight Gain? Yes or No?

I would like to find out how many here on lyrica are gaining weight. I have seen multiple sites on the internet with people gaining tons of weight, some saying they were even eating less, exercising more. Although it helped the pain some could not take the weight. I am an above knee amputee and... read more

Why have most doctors stopped prescribing carisoprodol for severe muscle spasms?

Why do they prefer Lyrica over soma for muscle spasms, and severe neurological painful conditions, because Lyrica has many terrible side effects according to my own experience between the two!

Which drug is stronger? Oxycontin or Dilaudid?

I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS1 (Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome)/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome back on January 30, 2004. I have been on oxy's since 2005. My neuorologist (who happens to be the absolute best doctor in the USA, of course this is solely my opinion.) I see him once a month to obtain my... read more

What medications will cause heart flutters and irregular heart beat?

Have CRPS and have taken many meds over eth years - since on tramadol I ahve had heart flutters that now lead to racing heart, missing beats and it goes on for hours. I have no energy, feel faint and am totally exhausted doing nothing. Dr's say its a benign PVC - I did NOT have this before the... read more

Do trazodone side effects wear off with time?

Taking very low dose less than 25 mg. Initially too groggy next day so stopped. Decided to give another try due to insomnia. Also depression. Started with even lower dose, titrating up slowly. Less grogginess but after a few days less effective for sleep so kept increasing very gradually. After 10... read more

Ropinirole - how do you lose the weight requip made you gain?

I have been on 3MG requip at hs for about 3 YRS for RLS. I also have severe CRPS (diagnosed 2010) of both my legs had a MEDTRONICS UNIT put in (2013) and then taken out. It never worked and had to use meds also. I got very ill from a new pain medication and lost so much weight my MEDTRONICS UNIT... read more

What is it like to suffer from CRPS?

It began when I had a botched tailor's bunion procedure in 2019, and it all went downhill from there. The incision was cut far too plantar rather than lateral resulting (over time) in tendonitis, a painful lateral internal scar, nerve damage, etc. Visiting a pain specialist it was determined... read more

Pain - Icy cold feeling & insect crawling feeling in veins & arteries (RSD)?

Hi; I have RSD in my left knee/leg. I have the feeling of icy cold running through my veins and arteries and the feeling of insects crawling through my veins and arteries. Could this be full body RSD? What medications to take to stop these feelings that are driving me crazy and make me feel sad and... read more

What side effects are there for ketamine Infusions?

For severe, chronic nerve pain condition RSD & chronic degenerative back issues.

Trazodone and night terrors and nightmares?

I've been on trazodone for about 8 years. I believe I started on about 50mg. I've gradually increased to 400mg at night. Its strictly for sleep as I'm an insomniac. It used to work really well. Then I started to build a tolerance to it, at 1 point I was taking 700mg a night and in a... read more

Roxicodone - Marked difference between generic oxy IR?

Have had to take 15 mg daily for severe pain ”CRPS” several years. I have noticed a marked difference between roxicodone and generic oxycodone.Has anyone had a similar experience?

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