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Pulmonary Embolism Questions

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Has anyone experienced a PE while on Xarelto?

Posted 24 Apr 2013 by jovifan 7 answers

I have been on Xarelto since switching from Cumadin a month ago and about a week ago I had sharp pains in my chest then three days ago I had an irregular fast heartbeat on the lower right side of my heart for about 30 minutes. Once that was over I had wheezing in my chest for the next 12 hrs with ...

Can xarelto cause extreme fatigue, and anxiety?

Posted 23 Apr 2015 by RN90s 2 answers

Taking for past 2 years for a PE Have extreme fatigue Poor sleep Normal labs No bleeding issues

4 days into Eliquis, can I cut 5mg dosage in half until I see my doctor in two days?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by Oteu159 2 answers

I am being treated for pulmonary embolism discovered in early stages by CT-scan 4 days ago

Is it common to have a persistent tension headache and stiff joints/ tight muscles on rivaroxaban?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by Mullykins 0 answers

I have PE (one in each lung) first time, am normally very fit and healthy but have been unfortunate after a long haul flight the experts believe. The headache isn't severe but very irritating, and my hips, neck and shoulders are all really tense. I am doing yoga every, drinking lots of water ...

Pulmonary Embolism - First Event - Hi, I have recently suffered with a P.E. I opted for dabigatran?

Posted 10 Apr 2017 by Lozzer 0 answers

... as it seemed the better medication as aposed to warfarin and you don't need INR checks etc. The only thing is the heart burn/indigestion and dizziness I am suffering are horrendous at times. I have only been taking it now for 5 days. Will this ease or is there anything I can do to help ...

Pulmonary Embolism - Are there any live in person support groups in Orange County CA?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 by ann0707 0 answers

I was diagnosed with DVT and PE in March 2015. I was misdiagnosed twice until the third doctor finally listened to me. He said I would not have survived the next 48 hours had I not pushed the issue, and was surprised I had survived the last 5 days in such excruciating pain barely able to breathe. ...

Pulmonary Embolism - Does anyone get random quick, sharp pinching pains that pass?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Binary Woman 1 answer

I was diagnosed with a PE 2 weeks after gallbladder surgery. I'm on Coumadin and my INR is 2.0. I'm just past the 1 month mark. These pains are like a pinch. They come out of the blue and they're freaking me out.

Eliquis - I am feeling like my blood is running around in my head, what could that be from?

Posted 14 Oct 2016 by Catherine Rodgers 1 answer

I do not have any pain, but feel tired I keep feeling like there is something leaking down in my head, it feels like when you have a cut and blood is running down your leg.

I have a pleural effusion caused from a pulmonary embolism?

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Kannon K 1 answer

I had a pulmonary embolism which caused pleural effusion in my left lung. I've had it for 5 weeks I'm still in a lot of pain,I can't sleep and have dizzy spells is it normal for me to still have it or should I be worried

I had a spinal fusion I had a bowel kitchen and eventually my uterus was on my enlarged uterus was?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by melissabeth0506 0 answers

... on my about wanted with the small pulmonary embolism I am healing but I feel all the apparatus in my back and just wanted to other people also feel it just makes me a little bit nervous and I want to know if I was alone on this

Eliquis - After 45 yrs on Warfarin, now changed to Elquis, for clot tendency. If I were to have?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Freeth53 0 answers

... acute stomach bleeding what antidote could be used ? (Has happened whilst on Warfarin)

Is anyone else scared?

Posted 3 Aug 2016 by skarednalone 0 answers

I just started my Xarelto 20mg from my twice daily. I'm so scared, my period is about to come up and I'm so scared. I keep seeing these stupid commercials against Xarelto and I'm scared. If anyone has made it to the end safely and come off Xarelto, please let me know. I need support ...

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