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Anyone tried Prolia for osteoporosis? If so, did you have any side effects from it?

Posted 18 Jul 2012 by sara12345 42 answers

I've had problems with Fosamax and can't take Boniva due to kidney failure. But the Prolia is a 6 month injection or infusion, so I'm concerned about side effects. Thanks for any input.

Prolia - how long do the side effects last, I have unbearable hand pain?

Posted 24 Jul 2012 by radcoder 13 answers

I just had my second shot and my hands feel like they are going to explode. They are not swollen at all but the pain is unbearable. I don't remember having this bad of a reaction with the first shot. Is this stuff accumlative? Has anyone completed the 2 years of injections and if so, was there ...

Anyone with prolonged effects from Prolia? Mine are bad?

Posted 16 Dec 2012 by sara12345 8 answers

I'm wondering if anyone else had had prolonged side effects from Prolia and if the side effects ever went away. I am super stressed because my lying in bed almost 24/7 for the past 6 days has caused throbbing bruising on parts of my head. I had to lie flat or I had terrible pain since a spinal ...

Is there anything to clean prolia out of your body? It is about to kill me! Dr. did NOT tell me?

Posted 3 Nov 2010 by albina20 7 answers

... about drug first--now 6 mo. of hell--I'm WORSE off than when I first went to dr. It is NOT helping my RA as dr. said. Plus dr. NEVER charged ins. co. for it--mighty suspicious. Pain over entire body and chest pains and lung infection because I'm on methotrexate/prednisone for RA. Dr. ...

How long will the side effects of Prolia last?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by Plcouture 1 answer

I feel like I've aged ten years after starting Prolia. My doctor convinced me that my symptoms are not from Prolia so I've had three shots. I have severe back and hip pain where I never had before. I've read that people continue to suffer side effects 2-3 years later. Has anyone had ...

Prolia & jaw pain?

Posted 21 Feb 2012 by dakota47 5 answers

I started Prolia in Dec 2011 for osteoporosis. I had previously been on IV Boniva & Reclast for 5 yrs. I noticed some jaw discomfort in January which has become more frequent & intense. It now is accompanied by headaches & nausea. Any others have this side effect & what helps? I ...

Prolia 6 monthly shots to treat osteoporosis?

Posted 19 Jun 2014 by Hahogan 3 answers

I am due to start my first shot but am hesitant and afraid as there are some people with such bad reactions. I may be okay or at best, have bearable side effects but what if the side effects are really bad and last for the duration of 6 months and I can't lead a normal life. My doctor is mad ...

Does prolia make weight gain & hunger, sores in & around mouth that doesn't heal, tired, back pain?

Posted 28 Dec 2013 by Tapplegate 4 answers

Started prolia last year, had a fall back in 2000 but back pain now is severe, just started flexeril, weight gain because I stay hungry all the time, head itches, mouth has sores in it & 1 outside that doesn't heal, more easily stressed & agitated easy, hysterectomy when I was 27,hands ...

Has anyone taken prolia for osteoporosis? Have you experienced any negative side effects after?

Posted 11 Jul 2017 by Robin1952 3 answers

I have been on Forteo for 2 years and now am told that I need to go on Prolia because of my severe osteoporosis which has improved since Forteo. However you can only stay on Foreo for 2 years. I have read the side effects and I am am very worried about getting this s shot. Has anyone had an ...

How do I relieve pain from a Prolia shot? I hurt in both of my arms. Really bad pain day and night.

Posted 6 Jan 2018 by Billmary 6 answers

After I had my Prolia shot. I am in serious pain in my wrist and both my shoulders, day and night pain and my hands hurt really bad. They did not hurt like this before the shot. Can someone tell me what I can I do for pain?

Have had 1 Prolia shot, no side effects. If I need dental work, after 6 months can I stop for a?

Posted 19 Mar 2015 by bwhitaker5978 5 answers

... couple of months, wait for mouth to heal, and then have the 2 shot?

Does alcohol reduce efficacy of prolia desnumab?

Posted 1 Aug 2012 by Biney 5 answers

On my third Prolia injection and happily no side effects. I drink 3 glasses of wine every evening but would desist if I thought it was interfering with the action of the drug.

Does Prolia side effects ever go away?

Posted 3 Mar 2016 by S Nordgren 1 answer

My sister had one injection November 2014. She has had every side effect. Pain and swelling in hand, jaw, neck, back. It caused problems with bladder, kidney,and bowels. She is still losing weight and eats three meals a day. 124-108. The pain in her lower back has become unbearable. It has not ...

Does anyone have severe joint and bone pain after taking Prolia? Mine hurt so bad I can hardly move?

Posted 24 Jul 2016 by AAALinda 4 answers

I am due my second shot in September and if this is a side effect I sure do not want to take another one.

Prolia - Excessive pain in the groin, hip and upper thigh for a week. What can I do for it?

Posted 11 Jul 2013 by joys6boys 2 answers

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma 5 weeks ago.I'm receiving Chemo, 3 weeks on and one week off. I told my regular doctor and my cancer doctor about this pain. They ordered an MRI, which came out negative, but have not prescribed anything else for this pain. I've only received one shot ...

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