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Is there a difference between simvistatin & pravastatin?

Posted 30 Jan 2012 by Menoe1 1 answer

My doc switched me to sim when he found my cholesterol was still high.

If I have aches and pains from taking several different statins will all statins affect me?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by dredscott 5 answers

I have now taken 4 different statins, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin. They all caused me muscle and joint soreness, my hands ache so bad and I seem to have lost some strength in them. When I stopped the statins there was great improvement! Will all statins do this for me or ...

Can the medication Pravastatin at 40mg cause major weight loss?

Posted 2 Aug 2014 by CaliTiger 1 answer

My husband was prescribed Pravastatin 20 mg at first for high cholesterol. He seemed to do alright with that. He was also prescribed wellbutron 300mg once a day to help quit smoking. This was three years ago. After one and a half years his dr. changed his dosage of pravastatin to 40mg. After a few ...

Diabetes, Type 2 - I would like to know if a blood sugar level of 136 can be treated with just diet?

Posted 18 Aug 2009 by Energizer Bunny 5 answers

... and exercise. I have COPD and I take Spiriva, Zyban and Albuterol and I am scared to take the medicines (Metformin 1000 mg and Pravastatin 40mg tabs) that my doctor gave me because of all of the side effects and drug interactions.

Pravastatin VS. Crestor - what are equivalent doses?

Posted 10 Oct 2010 by shermeg42 1 answer

I was taking 10mg of Crestor PO daily. I recently switched to Pravastatin and the MD ordered 40mg PO daily. I was wondering if Pravastatin is really that much less potent and is this the bottom dose?

Pravachol and grapefruit? Why can't I eat grapefruit when taking pravastatin?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 by Satritt 3 answers

I was told that when I take my pravastatin that I should not eat grapefruit? Why not?

Pravastatin & Hair loss?

Posted 4 Oct 2010 by ladyrunner 2 answers

I'm 61, aside from a little arthritis I am fit & healthy. Taking 40mg of Pravastatin (switched from Simvistatin about 4 months ago due to Pravastatin's lower cost). Last few months I have become increasingly upset about what seems to be significant hair thinning. I never had thick ...

Going to stop Pravastatin because I fall asleep before taking it and my cholesterol is lower now?

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by TWorF 2 answers

I've been given Pravastatin 40mg but fall asleep b4 taking it. When I do I get bad heart pain? My last check up my cholesterol was considerably lower. I'm just going to stop taking it. That pain was a horrible feeling like wires snaking my heart. Two days since I've stopped taking ...

Alternatives to Pravastatin?

Posted 16 Mar 2011 by MikeVP 2 answers

I have been taking 20 mg of Pravastatin for years and it worked fine. About a year ago, my doctor increased to my dosage to 40 mg. This past year I started having increased muscle stiffness, soreness and cramps. I stopped taking it recently and the muscle stiffness has gone away. What are the ...

Why is pravastatin no longer a cheap generic drug?

Posted 14 Jan 2014 by kkermbd 1 answer

Pravastatin is no longer on the $4 drug list of any pharmacy. why? Is there anywhere I can get this drug cheaply?

Pravastatin - does this cause weight gain?

Posted 7 Aug 2011 by frances thomas 1 answer

I have put on almost half a stone for no apparent reason over the past few weeks, and have realised it coincides with starting Pravastatin. Is weight gain a known side effect? I also am breathless and have aches and pins and needles in my legs, though I also had the last two effects when I was on ...

Tramadol - I'm a diabetic.I'm on humalog,lantis,metformin,and pravastatin.I have a attested tooth?

Posted 17 Jul 2012 by theresa carson 3 answers

... and cannot go to a Dr right now.I friend gave me one of these pills 50 mil,I'm in so much pain but am afraid to take it,can a diabetic take just one of these to relieve this god aweful pain???

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