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Pravastatin sodium...why do I have to take pill before bedtime vs. in morning with my other pills?

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Inactive 29 Oct 2017

I take PRAVASTATIN SODIUM 80 mg right now I take it at bedtime I also take levothroxine which I 'm thinking about taken it at bedtime would it have any affect with taken the PRAVASTATIN IF i took them both at night

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shortypants1976 22 Jan 2018

The levothroxine should be taken in the am. We figured that out aft 12+ years of my motherinlaw taking the medication with no effect on her levels. Make sure you also abide by the food issue as well as you cant eat an hour before or hour after i do believe. We have her taking hers before she goes to bed as she does so in the morning. I am unsure as to why it is that way but by changing the time she took it we went from her levels being in the thousands to being where she needs to be.

shortypants1976 22 Jan 2018

also she takes pravastatin with it. i forgot to mention it they are taken together. I personally think her medications need changed and am working on it.

suzanne66 17 Feb 2013

While you are sleeping your liver makes the majority of cholesterol, so theoretically it is best to take Pravastatin before you go to bed. That way your medicine will be working at the point when most of the cholesterol is being made.
In reality Pravastatin is long acting so can be taken at any time of day - but best to be consistent.
(Many statins are short acting and therefore need to be taken at night to be most effective. Because of this some doctors recommend all statins to be taken at night.)

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kaismama 17 Feb 2013

That is a real good question since the info on it says to take it at any time of day without regard to meals. I'm on it too. I've always just blindly followed the drs directions. lol... guess its been ingrained in me to do what docs say, lolol... I have to go pick up meds this afternoon. If the pharmacist isn't busy I'll ask her.

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