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Has anyone experienced skin rash while taking Xarelto?

My husband developed rash when he was on Pradaxa. It went away as soon as he stopped. He has now been on Xarelto 20Mg about three weeks and the similar rash has started. His back is full of small red spots that itch and his upper chest front seems red and itchy. Could this go away with time or will... read more

Pradaxa - does anyone else feel fatigued on this?

I have been on Paradaxa since December along with a number of other drugs. I would like to know if anyone else feels fatigued. It is getting to be a real drag.

Availability of generic Pradaxa?

My drug plan will only cover generic Pradaxa in 2023 but my local drug provider Walmart at this time knows nothing about the availability of generic Pradaxa. Can anyone help. Thanks

Pradaxa - has anyones diabetes gone up?

my diabetes has sky rocketed since i started pradaxa 5 days ago

Should pradaxa be stopped before a dental visit to have your teeth cleaned? If so, how long before?

My husband is taking pradaxa for blood clots in his legs and to keep the bypass in his leg open. I have been told that he should come off blood thinners before teeth cleaning, especially since he has peridontal disease. He is not having any problems at the moment with this teeth or the pradaxa. How... read more

I just started Xarelto for an unprovoked DVT. Are heart palpitations a side effect for anyone?

I used to take warfarin, switched to prodaxa, and now the Xarelto. I have heart palpitations sometimes, but I feel like since I started taking Xarelto last night I have had more than usual today. Any one heard of this as a side effect?

I just started taking Pradaxa. I think I took a double dose this evening?

Do I have to worry about the double dose, and should I wait till the next day to call my doctor. Should I take more action this evening. Thank you

Is there a generic for Pradaxa?

What do you need to know about Blood Thinners?

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