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Potassium Questions

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Potassium Citrate vs. Gluconate: What’s the difference?

What is the best diet or foods to help with osteoporosis?

OTC Dosage Equivilant for Potassium CL 10 mEq ER?

My husband has been prescribed Potassium CL 10 mEq ER, 1 Tab 2X Day because he has also been prescribed Furosemide (aka Lasik) 40 mg, 1 Tab 2X Day for Congestive Heart Failure. My question is if he where to take an OTC Potassium Gluconate 595mg, 2 Tabs 2X Day (4 Tabs Total Daily) is he getting... read more

What Blood Pressure Medicine, that will NOT cause Weight Gain?

Please name certain med, that will not cause Weigh Gain. I take Amelodopine, Besylate, Losatran Potassium, Hydrochlorothoyzoide to conytol BP. As it is still running high BP (150-100), my doc added Bystolic. But this is a Beta Blocker and causing me rapid weight gain! I had this same problem... read more

Gabapentin 100mg making back pain worse? (bulging disc in lower back)?

I've had bad back pain and migraines for the past 8 years, give or take. I'm currently on diclofenac potassium for migraines and also for back pain, but it didn't seem to help my back. (I was recently diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back, but I don't think that is the... read more

Can I take augmentin if I'm allergic to sulfa drugs?

Amoxicillin & clavulanate potassium 875

Potassium Chloride - I had potassium given to me in a IV . It burned badly, it's been a week now?

... since the IV and I have some swelling and pain on my hand where the IV was placed. Why am I still experiencing swelling and pain in this area ?

Do all blood pressure meds cause potassium level to rise?

potassium level was 7.0 and dr. in hospital took me off bp meds

Can Potassium Citrate cause leg crams and muscel spasims?

I started to pass uric acid kidney stones about 5 weeks ago. I am still passing small orange stones. My Dr put me on Potassium Citrate 10 mg night and morning. Every night since I started taking this drug I have had sever leg cramps in the thighs, calves, ankles, feet and toes. The cramps only come... read more

Spironolactone - What foods to avoid?

Did your doctor tell you to stay away from certain foods? There are many foods high in potassium.

Taking diclofenac EC 75 mg 2x day -- one month for strained groin muscle?

Having cramping in fingers and calves. Do I need a potassium supplement? No other adverse sx's. Should I be concerned?

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