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How many 99mg potassium citrate tablets equate to one 10 meq tablet?

4 Answers

Flat out 17 Oct 2023

10.9=1080/99; 108 mg per meq K
K3C6H5O7 • H2O M.W. 324.41

Potassium Citrate extended-release tablets, USP are tan to yellowish, oral wax-matrix tablets, contain 5 mEq (540 mg) potassium citrate, USP, 10 mEq (1080 mg) potassium citrate, USP, and 15 mEq (1620 mg) potassium citrate, USP each. Inactive ingredients include carnauba wax and magnesium stearate

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lkpete6510 31 July 2018

A direct answer is simple... if you have pills that are each 99 mg and you need 10 mEq, you should take four tabs per day. Total intake would equal 10.12 mEq (253 mEq per 99 mg pill).

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Ronbo36316 21 Aug 2017

I saw where one answered 3.5 tablets to make 10meq

He or she need to check their math

10 meq is 750 mg of potassium

Thus 7 x 99 = 693
7.5 x 99 = 742.5
8 x 99 = 792

So if you prefer to take multiple tablets you will have to take 8 to get your 750 mg or 10 meq of potassium

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kaismama 18 July 2014

99 mg is 2.53 meq. so 3.95 tablets would be 10 meq

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Ronbo36316 21 Aug 2017

Try the math again
10meq is equal to 750 mg

Jacks_Mom 26 Nov 2017

Kaismama's answer is correct. To determine mEq from mg, take the atomic weight of the element & divide it into the mg. Therefore, 99 mg divided by 39.0983 (atomic wt of elemental potassium) = 2.53 mEq of potassium. And it would take four 99 mg capsules to approximate 10 mEq... the .05 difference should be inconsequential.

Skookum 29 Oct 2018

Potassium citrate potency is usually expressed as the amount of potassium contained in each tablet or capsule. Thus, a 99 mg dose of potassium citrate, expressed as potassium, is about 2.5 meq of potassium and 2.5 meq of citrate. free discount card

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