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After sex take i-pill within 24 hours, any chance of pregnancy.

Hello..I had unprotected sex on 31st august with my gf..n she took i-pill within 24 hours... she get perids on 11 the september, her actual date was 22nd of september.. last month she was getting perids on 11th september so this month periods has to come on 11th october right..but till now she is... read more

Sudden periods after 2 years of having the Nexplanon implant?!?

I've had the Nexplanon implant for two years now and have only had one period in that time, which was right near the beginning. I have now just had another period, which lasted 7 days and was a full blown, cramps and all one. It has been exactly one week since I came off my period and now I... read more

Took the morning after pill, then missed 2 periods. Is this normal or not?

On October 6th I was drunk at a party and ended up having sex. We used a condom but we were so drunk and we didn't really know what was happening so just to be safe I just took "Next Choice" the next day October 7th. After taking the pill a week later I had brown discharge for a day... read more

Can I get pregnant the day after I stop my birth control pill?

I started taking birth control because I was having bleeding in Between periods . I took them for about to and a half weeks. The middle of the third week which was monday I took my pill at 8pm . Then tuesday didnt take it anymore . And I havnt took any anymore . Well tuesday at almost midnight me... read more

Did vyvanse ever mess up your menstrual cycle, miss periods etc?

I have been on different doses of vyvanse, currently 20/20. A day, for almost 3 years, my periods have been screwed up for well over a year, lighter and lighter till nothing at all, I'm 48. Thought it was menopause, I stopped taking it six days ago due to a shoulder arthroscopy, three days off... read more

After taking unwanted 72 if periods come after 15 days then doesnt come till now then can there be?

If after taking unwanted 72 periods come after 15 days then doesnt come till now approx 2 month then can there be chances of pregnancy?

What is best for sleep, Ambien or Trazadone or both?

I am prescribed ambien and trazadone for insomnia I only sleep for short periods of time? Now when I got the ambien I was told that it was the strongest sleep aid available - it was also a controlled substance. Now my trazadone isn't but i feel like ambien doesn't even come close to... read more

Does Plan B One Step pill work if you are on your period?

On Sunday June 23 2013 at around 1:30 me and my girl friend were having unprotected sex and after a few minutes i felt semen coming so as I was taking my penis out of her I ejaculated a little in her and the rest was outside... so she said that you just ejaculated in me and she ran to the bathroom... read more

How long does it take for provera to work to stop uterine bleeding?

I am 23 yo and was prescribed 10 mg of provera for 7 days to stop the bleeding and then take a pap smear. I had no menstrual periods with some dryness for at least 3 months and then started spotting about 5 months ago so I went to the doctor. My last pill was a week ago and 3 days later I started... read more

Implanon - Is it Normal to Vleed After Sex?

I have been on the implanon for over 18 months now and have had no periods in that time. However recently I have started to get only what I think should be periods but only occur after I have had sex with my boyfriend. Is this normal?

I got 2 periods in a month after taking Plan B. Is this normal?

I took Plan B and got my period about a week and a half later. It was a week early. I know this is normal. But now, a week later, I'm on my period again. This is when it's supposed to be. It may just be spotting, but I'm not sure. Is this normal? I'm also on birth control to... read more

I have endometriosis and my periods kill me. what is the best thing for cramps. my doc doesn't?

... prescribe pain meds.any advice

Took the morning pill and have missed two periods and negative pregnancy test, what is going on?

I have been having sex since around september and sometimes its protected and sometimes it is not. I've easily taken the day after pill four times since I did not know that was harmful to take it so many times until recently. Before I took the pregnancy test I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms... read more

IPill side effects??

Hello guys, I am really worried. I had unprotected sex on 26 october. I have taken ipill( ECP) within 3 hours after having unprotected sex that day only. I had my periods on 12 novemeber, they lasted for 5 days but they were quite light. The most important thing for which I am worried is that I... read more

Can I be pregnant if I had unprotected sex 2 weeks before my period?

I had unprotected sex 2 weeks before my period. This month period has been different from my other periods never had happend to me. I've had my period normal and exactly every 31 day. I have to babies. In the month of December I had unprotected sex on the 25 th and.I started my period 2 days... read more

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