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Will testosterone increase the size of a male penis?

Milky white discharge during sexual intercourse?

My girlfriend and I were having sex and when I took out my penis, there was milky white fluid stuff on my penis and there was also milky white fluid under her vagina. It was not ejaculation because I ejaculated towards the end of the sexual intercourse. She's been having discharges during... read more

Estrace Vaginal Cream - I'm confused. can you have intercourse while using estrogen cream?

Said men could absorb via the penis. If yes how soon is it ok? If I'm taking for the first time every night for two weeks Is it ok to apply the night before having sex then apply after?

My husband has really wrinkled and plastic feeling scrotum and penis shaft. I need help!?

He says that it happened right after we had sex and that he thinks I cheated and got some sort of std from cheating on him when I didn't. I don't see any stds with symptoms that match. He normally has very soft and smooth skin but as of yesterday it is very plastic feeling and very... read more

Penis pain! I have a bruised penis and it hurt. Haven't seen any improvement. What do I do to help?

It happen during aggressive sex but me and my girlfriend have a lot of it. I happen to miss my mark so to say and my penis did not penetrate when I thrusted aggressively. So my penis got tucked down and the base of my shaft hit. I did not feel any pain at the moment and didn't even notice... read more

Is it okay to have intercourse if my husband is using Clotrimazole & Betamethasone Diapropionate on?

... his penis? The warning on the tube says "not for intravaginal use. " Will it harm me if he has applied it to his penis and we have intercourse?

I have a severely bruised penis!?

It happen after having sex. I grew a large ball under the skin of the top of my shaft. Like half the size the of a golf ball. It didn't hurt but, I immediately started to panic. After a while the large ball went down. Now I'm left with a large puple bruise on the top of my shaft.... read more

Can monistat harm a male penis?

I have I believe a pelvic inflammation infection I started using Monistat for it the second day of using it we had sex and cream got all over him this morning he showed me a what looks like a cut or maybe sore right by the head of his penis it was red and his penis was like whitish and ashy looking... read more

How do I get swelling to go down from within my penis?

The very tip of my penis has been swollen and doesn't seem to be going down and it's only at the tip and it's causing so much pain and swelling it's hard to pee and I am fighting the urge to drain it myself it has me very sexually frustrated I fight back the urge to even get... read more

Monistat-1 - Ok so I took a monistat and I waited 7 days to have sex and a lot of white stuff ended?

... up on my guys penis? Is that normal or should I get something to clean all of it out my vagina?

Weird pain after surgery?

I have hemorrhoid surgery done January 26th and since my surgery hey time I sit down to have a bowl movement I get pain in my penis and down my right groin and testicle anybody know what's going on

Can I have permanent erectile dysfunction after taking 5mg of Lexapro for three days?

I'm 49 yr old male that has never had any sexual dysfunction in the past, but since taking Lexapro, I cannot maintain an erection and my penis feels numb. If I stop now, will the effects wear off quickly since I've only been on the medication 3 days?

Will Humira also treat psoriasis that's on penis/vagina?

Just started medication. My doctor is aware of psoriasis on my body but I did not share it was on my penis as well. Just assumed since it was already in so many places, that sharing that private detail wouldn't matter...

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