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Paresthesia Questions

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How long will BuSpar take to work?

I suffer from extreme anxiety, it effects me physically. I'm not depressed I just feel like I'm... walking on pins and needles. I recently started taking 10mg of BuSpar along with 200 of Wellbutrin. My question is: How long will this take to work? I'm not allowed to take benzo's... read more

Any connection between amlodipine and peripheral neuropathy?

I started taking amlodipine last August (2014) and have recently been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. About 2 months after starting this I had pins and needles in my leg and feet, this continued, and also numbness after more months. I never considered it could be a side effect, but after all... read more

Can amitriptyline cause tingling, pins and needles in the legs ? Will these symptoms go off over...

... time or do I have to discontinue the drug ?

Sertraline - Is pins and needles a side effect of setraline?

After taking the tablet for 9 days I stopped due to the side effects. Whilst taking the tablets I experienced many side effects such as shaking in my hands, I also had a burning sensation in my stomach, arms, legs and chest. However, after I stopped I experienced pins and needles on the left side... read more

Did anyone experience a burning skin sensation when starting Lexapro?

I started taking 5 mg of Lexapro 6 days ago. I started taking 50mg trazodone and 7.5mg Buspar 5 days prior to that. 2 days after starting Lexapro I started getting burning sensations in my skin. My skin feels hot, like it has been scalded in hot water or sunburned. Sometimes it is worse than... read more

Metformin - Tingling/burning/pins and needles type feeling in hands, legs and feet?

I have just started taking metformin at 500mg. For the past 3 days I have been experiencing tingling/burning sensation in my feet, hands but mostly my legs (one more so than the other). Is this a side affect of metformin? Or starting a new medication in general? Has anyone experienced this? I dont... read more

What is the best way to taper from 1mg of lorazepam? I have been on it for 16 months?

I actually started lorazepam to help with a relapse of a toxic fish poisoning called ciguatera which causes itching and pins and needles. I've had ciguatera for 8 years-it affects nerve endings-thus the lorazepam. When I tried to taper myself, I experienced itching, pins and needles, plus some... read more

Does Viibryd cause pins and needles in legs and arms?

When I take my new medication Viibryd I notice my legs and arms sometimes feel almost asleep or numb. Almost a pins and needles feeling. Is this a side effect? Is there a way to stop this feeling or treat it?

Buspirone - Should I just ask my doctor to taper me off? Burning and tingling is spreading more?

Should I just ask my doctor to taper off buspar. I can't take these paresthesia like symptoms. It started in my forearms only at night and now it's in my chest,neck, forearms, throat, and back of my shoulders. It can happen anytime now. Dose 15 x 3. 3 weeks in. Kinda scared the tapering... read more

I was prescribed Keflex (500 mg three times per day) for a UTI.

On the third day of taking it, I started feeling?a minor tingling/sunburn sensation on my outer/upper left arm. Over the next days, the sensation spread to my lower/outer left leg. No pain, just the tingling/sunburn sensation - much more noticeable at night when I was trying to go to sleep. I... read more

Does duloxetine withdrawal cause a “pins and needles” feeling in hands or feet?

My partner was placed on 120mg of duloxetine for pins and needles or tingling feelings and numbness in her feet due to idiopathic neuropathy by a neurologist. After 1 year on this med with no impact on the pins and needles feeling or numbness the doctor said she should taper off. She initially cut... read more

Cabergoline - Painful pins and needles in my feet.

I just had a nerve conduction study showing normal nerve conduction in my feet. Has anyone had this problem using Cabergoline? My doctor prescribed gabapentin. Trying to understand if surgery to remove prolactinoma may be better option

One dose of Lexapro burning in chest?

I started taking 10mg Lexapro for anxiety on Tuesday at 1pm by 6pm I started feeling off. Had burning, pins and needles in my chest, arms and torso. I couldn't sleep and couldn't keep anything down. I almost ended up going to the ER because my anxiety was 10x worse. I thought I was dying.... read more

Pristiq side effects pins and needles?

I started this medication a few days ago and I am experiencing pins and needles in my lower legs and some in my arms. I am on a low dose, 25 mg. I have tried many different anti depressants with no luck, and I am very hopeful to find relief from this one. Has anyone else experienced this side... read more

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