I actually started lorazepam to help with a relapse of a toxic fish poisoning called ciguatera which causes itching and pins and needles. I've had ciguatera for 8 years-it affects nerve endings-thus the lorazepam. When I tried to taper myself, I experienced itching, pins and needles, plus some pretty strong chest tightness/pain which I've read can go with withdrawal. I think I tried to taper too quickly in the past 3 months, so I had to go back to my original script of 1 mg a day. I take 1/4 mg a.m.; 1/2 mg noon; 1/4 mg eve. I've been doing that for two weeks and feel good, but of course I want to get off. I see a psychiatrist just for support for withdrawal, but he hasn't been very helpful in creating a schedule for me. So I'm thinking of cutting down in the following way for the next two weeks: 1/4 mg a.m.; 1/2 mg noon; 1/8 mg evening. Does that sound reasonable?