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Did anyone on prozac experience weight loss, and is that go away with time?

Posted 20 Jun 2011 by marianabg 5 answers

I am currently taking 5mg prozac, will go up to 10mg on Wed after a week, but have no appetite. Having panics and feel sleepy and nervous, but i am sticking with it, because i lost 4 pounds or maybe 5 in 4 days. That is the only thing so far i like about this medicine. Just wonder if when start ...

How long will it take to notice effexor xr helping for general anxiety disorder?

Posted 13 Oct 2013 by Debbylynn 29 answers

I am stressed very easily, nervous, have stomach aches and cry every day. Been on 150 mg for 2 weeks. Felt very blah, almost depressed the first week and a little more nervous the second. I pray that this works for me. The many weeks on Lexapro 20 mg did not help. I love my job of 20 years, but ...

Does anyone know the long term side effects of taking Zoloft?

Posted 3 Mar 2011 by happymomof2 16 answers

I have been on Zoloft for 3 months now and feel too like it has changed my life. I take 25 mg a day, and no longer get nervous in groups of people or dread social situations. I'm also a lot nicer to my husband! I used to worry about EVERYTHING, but now I don't let things get me down. ...

Effexor XR - How is Effexor better then Lexapro or Zoloft?

Posted 9 Oct 2012 by kjrobertson13 8 answers

Im a 25 year old male and iv taken Zoloft about two years ago for my social anxiety and it worked for about a month then did the complete opposite and made me more nervous then before. Also i recently tried Lexapro and the first day i took it, it was unbearable for me, it made me extremely nervous ...

What should I expect when I start taking Paxil?

Posted 12 Dec 2013 by amgmatt 6 answers

I have received my RX for Paxil 10 mg. I have not stared it just yet I'm a little nervous to honest. Can anyone tell me what to expect ? Also my doctor told me that 10 mg is to start me off I guess that is a small dosage? What will I feel like once I have taken it for a while. The reason the ...

Prozac & heightened anxiety/nervousness?

Posted 22 Jan 2013 by AnnieBHappy 27 answers

Hi 'all! Myself and another member here have just started taking Prozac and we're feeling quite 'strung out'... nervous, heightened anxiety. Could anyone whose had experience with Prozac comment re: whether or not the anxiety levels out after awhile; how long that took to ...

How long until I feel normal? I have been on seroquel 150mg for a week now. I still have high?

Posted 6 Feb 2012 7 answers

... anxiety and general nervousness. I have been out of work trying to cope and the time has come for me to return to work. This makes me extremely nervous as I'm not sure how I will hand 11 hour shifts. Also I am coming of Abiliy (going on two weeks). I'm hoping that these feelings are ...

My docter just prescribed me prednisone 50 mg. and Im a nervous person to begin with and scared to?

Posted 14 Dec 2010 by 68harley 1 answer

... take it cause she said it would make me nervous. i am also on lorazapam 1 mg will that ease my anxiety ? cause i heard that 50 mg is a rather high dose for taking for the first time ?

Zoloft - Can I split my 100 mg sertraline tablet?

Posted 23 Jan 2016 by Jdog76 5 answers

My doctor up my dosage from 50mg to 100mg, I'm a little nervous on taken the whole 100 because of the side effects. Been on sertraline for 8 weeks-4 weeks 25 mg - 4 weeks 50mg and now starting 100 mg. first few days on25 I thought I was gonna lose it because of the added anxiety but the doc ...

What medications worked best for those dealing with derealization/depersonalization?

Posted 27 Dec 2011 by amano28 3 answers

I am going to my doctor today, and i'm nervous that they are going to give me something that will make these symptoms worse. Just looking for opinions on what medications have helped people get this feeling gone. I'm pretty sure this was all brought on from anxiety since I used to have ...

Does prednisone helps to treat acne problems?

Posted 13 Sep 2012 by mariah123 1 answer

i really want to know beacuse my dermatoligist prescribed me this pill. but after reading the reviews and side effects of this pill i am very nervous if i should start taking this pill or not.

Is trazodone safe for elderly dementia patient? does it help with anxiety?

Posted 26 Jun 2013 by unhappyinnursinghome 3 answers

My mom is 96years old and in a wheelchair. She is very unhappy with her life in a nursing home. She has high anxiety and extreme nervous energy and is bored, but nursing home activities do not interest her nor television. Can Trazodone help with all this along with helping her to sleep? She is ...

Does lexapro make you nervous when first taking them or is it anxiety and panic?

Posted 28 Dec 2011 by Trina:-) 4 answers

I started taking lexapro 5mg two weeks ago for depression anxiety and panic... i have a fear of meds and it took me awhile to even start them because i ws so terrified of them causing something bad to happen to me. Now Im super nervous and anxious worried wn i Tk them especially in the morning. I ...

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