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How do I Treat Nasal Congestion with COVID-19?

Zofran - how long does it takr got zogtan to leave your system I a, haveing bad side affects?

Heart rate sweats chills cant sleep shakeing throwing up mucus in diarea

Is OMEPRAZOLE 40 mg once a day good for silent reflux?

I was prescribed 40mg of OMEPRAZOLE for silent reflux once a day. The only symptom I feel is chronic cough and constant clearing of the throat. Once I start coughing then I get mucus and a runny nose. Cough and phlems can last 2 to three hours every day which it affects my daily quality of life. I... read more

Lots of gas and very little bowel movement. bowels movement is often but with little success?

I cannot have a good bowel movement any longer. They come more often with some amount of bowel movement. A lot of gas build up is associated with the bowel movement and mucus.

Is doxycycline used to treat sinus infections?

I'm blow green out of my nose, coughing up green mucus, ears ache and severely congested.

Mineral Oil - When I use a fleet enema, it does clean my colon out, however I keep having a?

... mucus-like discharge if i countine to go... even an hour later. What is this and how can i put an end to it? Thank you!

Advair Diskus - Has anybody who has been on Advair for a long time found that as time goes on it?

... becomes less and less effective? I have been having a lot of wheezing and mucus build-up recently and I am using my Advair just like always

Post nasal drip for 3 months?

I've been having a post nasal drip for about 3 months now. I have a cough in the morning and the mucus normally comes out clear or cloudy. I feel fine otherwise, but I'm just concerned with the duration I've had this for. Is there an underlying condition causing this?

Do higher Adderall doses cause increased mucus production?

I take Adderall 20mg twice daily for Narcolepsy. My Dr just increased my dose from 10mg twice daily. Its been 4 days since the increase & for the past 3 about 30mins after taking I start leaking snot like a faucet. No joke I'm literally stuffing tissue up each nostril bcuz if I dont it... read more

How long should someone take ceterizine for allergies at 10mg?

Instant sneezing and clearing the throat, itchy eyes, mucus, how long should one take the tablet ceterizine at 10 mg

How long after starting protonix does it start helping with symptoms of reflux?

For about 5 months I've been having issues with swallowing food, feeling the lump in my throat/ excess mucus that won't come up and shortness of breath. I finally went to a GI and I was given an upper endoscopy. I was told I had an ulcer and reflux. I was prescribed pantoprazole. My... read more

Augmentin 875 side effects?

Hello, I have been fighting a dry cough that turned into mucus producing cough for 3 weeks now. During the last week the infection traveled to my sinuses and now they have been stuffed for a week. It is impossible for me to sleep because of the constant cough and not being able to breathe from my... read more

Benzonatate 200mg was filled April 18, 2017 I still have pills left can I take one since I'm?

... coughing up mucus with a cold. I hate to have to throw these pills away and pay 29.00 for some more. Please help me

What OTC drugs relieve tripledemic symptoms in kids?

Pink Eye - what you need to know

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