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Missed birth control pills started period early then missed period, is this normal?

Posted 17 Dec 2014 by gatorduck95 1 answer

I am on mononessa, I missed two of my birth control pills in a row and started my period right after, I stopped taking the pack because I was not sure what pills I should take or if I should even be taking them I then did not get my period when I usually get my period, I started my new pack when it ...

Protected sex, light cramping, missed period. Worried I could be pregnant?

Posted 17 Aug 2014 by Normanl 1 answer

Hi! So my boyfriend and I have had sex a few time time month. It was always protected. He did cum inside but we check the condom after to insure there was no leakage. We had sex two days before I ovulated and two days after I supposedly ovulated. Recently my period has been wonky (late once, early ...

Microgestin FE 1/20: Normal to have late/missed period?

Posted 16 Sep 2013 by husky15 1 answer

I have been on this pill for 7 months. It is my boyfriend & I's main form of birth control. I am normally very regular and start my period on the day of my second inactive pill. That was yesterday, and I have yet to start my period. I have had very few slight cramps. I took every single ...

Birth control and missed periods?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by megalish28 2 answers

I'm on the birth control Daysee and I'm sexually active (I don't usually use protection as I am in a long term relationship, even though it isn't smart). I've heard women sometimes don't get their periods when they're on the pill, and I haven't gotten mine.. ...

I missed periods right after getting Depo shot?

Posted 6 May 2013 by purplefence 1 answer

Well, I skipped or missed my period after I got my shot. I had my periods reguarly before that. I just got off my period before I got my shot, and I haven't gotten my period yet. Its been almost 2 months, whats going on? Help please.

What happens if medroxyprogesterone doesn't work?

Posted 15 days ago by surendiran 0 answers

Doctor prescribed 5 mg medroxyprogesterone for 5 days to get my missed periods which is not started for 3 months (I had bleeding one day and stopped) . I took pills for 5 days and now my periods not started yet. Can anyone tell us the reason.

Missed Period - Me and my girlfriend have been worried about her period. It's been about 6 days?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by Lino332 0 answers

... since she was suppose to have her period and she's been stressing out! We've been sexually active but are very protective. we've always made sure the condoms we buy are great condition. One day we had sex and I went deeper than before, I know it was painful for her so we ...

Lo loestrin fe missed period?

Posted 28 Jun 2016 by ilea 0 answers

I've been on lo loestrin fe for almost a year and have never ever missed a period. This pill works very well for me. I take my pills at the exact same time everyday and never missed a pill. Every month, my period starts on the brown pills, like normal. A few months ago my boyfriend ejaculated ...

Falmina side effects. Bleeding and missed period?

Posted 5 Jul 2016 by mo123456 0 answers

I started falmina the Sunday before my period was due (it was due on Wednesday) against my gynecologists request that I start it after my period. That month I missed my period and the past week or so I've been having abnormal bleeding and cramps (I start the placebos next week.) I did have ...

Had Sex with Condom. Took Plan B. Missed Period. Am I pregnant? Is Plan B messing with my period?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by halbal37 1 answer

I had sex about a month ago. He used a condom and did not pull out. We we're almost positive that the condom didn't break; however, I took plan B about 10 hours later to be on the safe side. My period is now 9 days late. I just started getting sore breasts and have light cramping. Does ...

Took an i-pill , missed periods and its almost one and a half month but didnt have periods?

Posted 9 Jun 2016 by wehadsex 1 answer

We Had safe sex on 3rd may which was 4 days after her period.She took an ipill(cipla) which is Levonorgestrel 1.5 mcg within 4 hours to be sure. After about 6 days, she got little spotting. its been 10th of june and she didnt get her periods yet. Could she be pregnant?

Gildess Fe 1/20 - Missed period then spotting?

Posted 14 Apr 2016 by Meowmeow17 0 answers

I have been taking this pill for over a year now. I am not sexually active. I missed my last period and this time around I have very mild cramps (i usually get them severe) and very very light spotting, but not my actual period. I try to take the pill at the same time every day and don't ...

Missed periods after taking emergency contraceptive pill?

Posted 13 Jan 2015 by hulio 1 answer

I had unprotected intercourse with my gf at the last day of her period (26th nov).. She took emergency contraceptive pill 2 days later(28th nov).. And then bleeding started one week after taking the pill (5th dec), which lasted 3 days (8th dec).. And she hasnt had her period since.. Its 13th jan ...

Junel Fe 1/20 - Is it normal for missed periods?

Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Mmrodri19 0 answers

Not sexually active and also missed a pills several times this month

Missed period on Microgestin fe 1/20?

Posted 11 Apr 2014 by jac92 2 answers

My fiance and I have not had full intercourse but we have done other things (genital to genital contact) making it slightly possible for me to be pregnant. But I have been on this pill for at least a year now and have never missed a period. I was supposed to start 3 days ago and had cramping and ...

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