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Methadone Questions

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Which drugs cause opioid-induced constipation?

How long does opioid withdrawal last?

How long does methadone withdrawal last?

Does methadone show up on a drug test?

How can I get emergency methadone?

Suboxone vs methadone: What’s the difference?

Is methadone an opiate blocker?

What is a methadone clinic / are they free?

PLEASE HELP! Going through wds... and on suboxone?

Hey guys! I will start off by saying that I have been using opiates for about 3 years now. It started with vikes..then perks..then methadone and now I am a mess. My whole life has been ruined. Before the methadone I was taking 5 percocet 10mg at a time and it wasnt even giving me a buzz (This is... read more

Withdrawal - I have been on methadone maint. for 16 years. Recently, after being seriously f'ed with

... at my clinic, I've found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to do a very rapid detox. Frankly, my head is so messed with, that I've been having extremely serious panic attacks every day when I go to get dosed. At this point, I'm more scared to go to the clinic, than I... read more

Methadone Withdrawal - Want to get off Methadone but wondering the best way?

Hello I have been on 135 mg of Methadone a day at a clinic for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I recently lost my job and dont have the money to pay for the clinic right now and they are starting me on MSW (medically supervised withdrawal) or so they call it, starting tomorrow, they will start dropping my... read more

How easy is it to get prescription for methadone from a private dr. instead of a clinic?

my husband and i both go to a clinic in east tn. the rate is 88.00 each a week. needless to say this is killing our finances. how hard is it to get it from a regular doctor? we are paying ALOT of money to go to this clinic and i had heard u could get from a private dr but it was hard and also... read more

Does Methadone / Methadose use cause tooth decay?

Is there any documented proof that either methadone or methadose is the cause of excessive tooth damage or decay.Through sources quite a few patients complain that they have acquired severe tooth decay since seeking help through methadone clinics?.

Can you sleep off your methadone dose?

I dose at 120mgs of methadone daily at the local clinic here in Durham, NC. I normally dose very early, say around 7 to 8 am. I always take a nap since I'm not currently working. When I wake up I don't feel my dose as I did prior to the nap. I'm 27 years old and weigh about 200lbs. I... read more

How long does Methadone stay in your system?

I take Lortab 10, 4x day, but does not take care of my pain. dr. is going to take labs on me, will be 7 days since i took a methadone, only took for 5 days.

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