Hey guys! I will start off by saying that I have been using opiates for about 3 years now. It started with vikes..then perks..then methadone and now I am a mess. My whole life has been ruined. Before the methadone I was taking 5 percocet 10mg at a time and it wasnt even giving me a buzz (This is also after being on percocet for over a year). I am a 22 year old girl and I only weigh about 120lbs... My tolerance was sky high. What made me hit rock bottom was when I got a hold of a bunch of methadone and started using that because it made me feel normal... i was taking 10-20 10mg methadone a day for the last 6-8 months. Last thurs I ran out of methadone and was using percocet to get through the withdrawals. Finally enough was enough and I got a hold of this AMAZING suboxone dr. I had my induction on Tues..but the problem was I took 5 15 mg roxies at 4 am before my induction. When I got my first 8mg dose of Sub I immediately went into precipitated (?sp?) withdrawal for about an hr... then I started to feel a little more comfortable. The comfortable feeling didnt last so I took another 8mg pill later that night. Tuesday night was the worst night of my life I did not sleep a wink I had the worst wd pains the RLS..the hot and cold flashes that run through ur body and make u feel awful and of course the diarrhea and the stomach pain (and anxiety feeling) right above my belly button. On wed my dr increased my sub to 3x a day (8mg) slowly by taking halves. STILL NO RELIEF? I slept last night maybe for 2 hrs at best and I am completely miserable. I took my sub this morning and still I am uncomfortable and miserable and I cant even take anything to relieve my twitchy legs or my anxiety belly pains or the INTENSE hot and cold flashes. I have even considered suicide (I also suffer from bipolar)..I can't do this anymore. Does anyone have any good advice? I need help before I do something that I can't take back. No one in my life understands how hard it is to feel these symptoms CONSTANTLY for days on end while I can't sleep or barely sit down. My dr will be calling me today to see how the 3X a day is doing..and I have my second appt tomorrow... but I am just not hopeful. To top things off my fiance who was my partner in crime with using..he is feeling completely normal from 2 8mg a day. He sleeps and isn't suffering at all. I am hysterically crying right now bc I can't deal anymore. PLEASE HELP!!! thank u!!