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Metamucil Questions

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Metamucil vs. MiraLAX: How do they compare?

What to do for bloating while taking Metamucil?

Metamucil - does it accelerate acid reflux?

I suffer from GERD and sometimes when I take Metamucil I get acid reflux in my lower esophagus (near the sphincter valve). Is this common?

Is it normal to have rubber like jelly in the stool when taking Metamucil?

When I have a bowel movement my stool is made up of a substance that resembles tough rubberized jelly. It is sometimes difficult to pass this. It seems as though once it gets into my stomach it becomes a jelly like substance and my stomach does not digest this.

The Do's and Don'ts of Treating Constipation

Do you have to wait 2 hours between taking Metamucil and taking Tylenol, or is the 2 hour wait time?

Does the 2 hour wait time apply to prescriptions only or other oral medications like Tylenol?

Cholestyramine - Alternative to cholestrymine for diahrea after removal of gall bladder?

I have been taking cholestrymine for several years after removal of my gall bladder along with metamucil. Is there an alternative such as a pill?

What is the best time of day to take Metamucil?

I take thyroid medicine the first thing in the morning, wait an hour, eat breakfast, and then take prescription medications. I also take prescription medications at 4:00 p.m. and bedtime.

I take Metamucil twice a day and have been having 24/7 gas issues, ie major farts. is this normal?

... and or how can I stop the gas issues. I have tried gas pills with no luck, HELP

Can you take ranitidine and metamucil capsules at same time?

will taking ranitidine and fiber capsules (metamucil) lessen their effect?

Is Metamucil the cause: Nausea, Gas, Appetite Issues?

Ive been feeling weird lately. My appetite has increased a lot these past week Im hungry all the time and I cant seem to be full or Its like I get nausea immediately.. Its like i'm blurry and not myself, I cant find a way to explain it but i just feel wierd. I dont know if this has something... read more

Waiting to take meds before or after you take Metamucil?

How long before you can take Metamucil after taking your regular meds?

Is it still safe to consume psyllium fiber/husks (C-Lium fiber) that expired a year ago? Thanks?

Hello. I was going through my medicine cabinet and chanced upon a bottle of C-lium Fiber (psyllium fiber/husks - much like Metamucil) that states expiry date as January 2009. I feel bad that I've forgotten about it for the past year and I really don't want to throw it away if it's... read more

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