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Does meclizine really work for dizziness,some said it causes dizziness,i dont understand why you wo?

why take it if it causes dizziness,has meclizine worked for anyones dizziness,please let me know.I was prescribed it for an infection of the ear that was causing me to get dizzy.Is there any positve reactions from anyone?I have two little ones,does it make you drowsy.Please help

Is there any difference between over-the-counter meclizine and prescription meclizine?

I need to take it periodically for vertigo and sometimes it seems as if the OTC brand is not as helpful. Also is there a difference between Meclizine and Meclizine HCL? Thanks for your help.

Vertigo - Why do you need to chew the Meclizine tablet before swallowing it?

Do people with a mild case of vertigo due to neurological reasons, usually have repeating episodes of vertigo or do the episodes of vertigo stop?

I have a prescription for Meclizine 12.5mg that I took in fall of 2010. Vertigo is back?

would it hurt me to take this medication that I got in fall of 2010 to treat vertigo that I have experienced the past few days? Medication has been kept in dark and dry place and seems ok. Just want to know if it would hurt me to take.

Can you gain weight taking meclizine?

Meclizine and diabetes are there any problems?

Is it safe to take Meclizine if you are a diabetic?

Can meclizine lower my blood pressure?

I recentlly started taking meclizine and my dizziness is getting worse. My blood pressure has been really low the last couple of times it has been checked (70/52).

My ears have been ringing for a month now and my doctor told me to take meclizine along with?

something I've been taking for 25 yrs now--zanax-If meclizine makes you sleepy and tired then I am afraid to take the two togeather. I haven't started the meclizine because of this as I don't want to not be able to function. There's nothing that says anything about ringing of... read more

I was just prescribed meclizine for vertigo and ringing in one ear. I have only taken it twice so?

... far and was just wondering how long before this works??

I was just diagnosed with BP Vertigo. My Dr prescibed 25Mg of meclizine, 2 tabs every 6hrs for 2?

... days only. Also gave me a sheet of head maneuvers to perform. I cannot do the head maneuver at all! I've tried 2 times and I either totally freak out , or come close to vomitting and passing out. The room spins 100 mph. If I just take the drug and not do the maneuvers, will I be ok? Or are... read more

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