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Is there any difference between over-the-counter meclizine and prescription meclizine?

Posted 10 Feb 2012 by Whimsy1 1 answer

I need to take it periodically for vertigo and sometimes it seems as if the OTC brand is not as helpful. Also is there a difference between Meclizine and Meclizine HCL? Thanks for your help.

What is the best medicine for prevention of sea sickness?

Posted 27 Jul 2011 by curiousitykillsnocat 4 answers

my family is planning a trip to the coast..we plan to do some whale watching and halibut fishing boat chartering (this is a 12 hour trip on sea)..last year everyone was puking or sick..we need advice on the best possible remedy/medication to cure or mostly prevent seasickness/motion sickness..all ...

Does meclizine really work for dizziness,some said it causes dizziness,i dont understand why you wo?

Posted 1 Dec 2012 by nicki vaughn 7 answers

why take it if it causes dizziness,has meclizine worked for anyones dizziness,please let me know.I was prescribed it for an infection of the ear that was causing me to get dizzy.Is there any positve reactions from anyone?I have two little ones,does it make you drowsy.Please help

I have a prescription for Meclizine 12.5mg that I took in fall of 2010. Vertigo is back?

Posted 23 Oct 2013 by allenw 2 answers

would it hurt me to take this medication that I got in fall of 2010 to treat vertigo that I have experienced the past few days? Medication has been kept in dark and dry place and seems ok. Just want to know if it would hurt me to take.

Does Dramamine help with dizziness and vertigo?

Posted 11 days ago by takbnit7 1 answer

I have extreme lightheadedness almost everyday with vertigo and my doctor has tried me on meclizine 25mg and it seemed to intensify the dizziness. I am wondering does Dramamine work better for dizziness I don't really get nausea unless my vertigo is in full effect.

I have meclizine but it said to discard 2 months ago. Is it safe to take it now?

Posted 11 days ago by Kellywolf21 0 answers

I am have the same symptoms again

How soon can I take another meclizine if one hasn't worked?

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by hamhead 0 answers

It's been about an hour and there is no improvement. Nausea may even be worse

Meclizine - when mixed with alcohol reactions?

Posted 12 Jan 2018 by ronc545 1 answer

I am allergic to meclizine can I take dimenhydrinate?

Posted 2 Sep 2017 by mwils174 1 answer

I have vertigo and dizziness. When I took meclizine I had trouble breathing and I got swollen. Would Benadryl work also?

Meclizine - what causes vertigo?

Posted 10 Sep 2017 by maryburton54 1 answer

sometimes i can't stop getting dizzy '

Vertigo - Why do you need to chew the Meclizine tablet before swallowing it?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 by MRoman 4 answers

Do people with a mild case of vertigo due to neurological reasons, usually have repeating episodes of vertigo or do the episodes of vertigo stop?

Why is meclizine used instead of other medications for vertigo?

Posted 7 Jun 2017 by Severe vertigo 0 answers

Is it to be used in vestibular neuritis or peripheral neuritis for vertigo?

Can I take meclizine after taking Zofran?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by Jenarussell81 0 answers

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