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Is there any difference between over-the-counter meclizine and prescription meclizine?

Posted 10 Feb 2012 by Whimsy1 1 answer

I need to take it periodically for vertigo and sometimes it seems as if the OTC brand is not as helpful. Also is there a difference between Meclizine and Meclizine HCL? Thanks for your help.

Does meclizine really work for dizziness,some said it causes dizziness,i dont understand why you wo?

Posted 1 Dec 2012 by nicki vaughn 5 answers

why take it if it causes dizziness,has meclizine worked for anyones dizziness,please let me know.I was prescribed it for an infection of the ear that was causing me to get dizzy.Is there any positve reactions from anyone?I have two little ones,does it make you drowsy.Please help

Would meclizine cause irregular menses or skipping menstural cycle?

Posted 13 days ago by Relmenawi 0 answers

Would meclizine prescribed for dizziness cause side effects such as irregular menses or skipping menstural cycle for 39 yrs old female?

How to stop vertigo dizziness without meclizine?

Posted 17 Jul 2016 by Betty514727 1 answer

I don't want to continue to use meclizine

Meclizine - This my first time I have it I'm 37 years old?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Boo3 0 answers

I'm dizzy light headed

Should someone with breathing and congestive heart failure use meclizine for nausea?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 by Lawhorn 0 answers

Someone I know has been continuously nauseous to the point of vomiting numerous times. This medicine has helped somewhat but now she is more tired and short of breath.

Meclizine for vertigo w/ antidepressants?

Posted 23 Jun 2016 by Spartanodst13 0 answers

Hi. Great reading here on your experiences. Thanks for sharing. I too have had a bad vertigo response since being put on trazodone (?)... and today my dr gave me this for the vertigo. So waiting on it to work as i sit here. MY question is, are you all doing well STILL taking your antidepressants ...

Meclizine - Does this medication interfer or inhibit male ejaculation?

Posted 25 Jun 2016 by yunbunp9 0 answers

Since I have been on this medication (3 weeks) I have been unable to fulfill the sexual act.

I have a prescription for Meclizine 12.5mg that I took in fall of 2010. Vertigo is back?

Posted 23 Oct 2013 by allenw 2 answers

would it hurt me to take this medication that I got in fall of 2010 to treat vertigo that I have experienced the past few days? Medication has been kept in dark and dry place and seems ok. Just want to know if it would hurt me to take.

I've had nausea on and off for a while ever since my anxiety and panic disorder started?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by haasa027 2 answers

I am on 25 mg of fluoxetine for about a year now and starting out with super bad nausea. It subsided with time. I have tried meclizine and osdensetron but don't like either. Also I am taking .5 mg 1/2 as needed. I don't take it very often. Any recommendations as to what anti nausea or ...

Where can I find a picture of a pill 21 G pink amd round?

Posted 12 Jan 2015 by janddjohnston 1 answer

It is suppose to be meclizine but I am not sure.

Meclizine - Would like to know if Meclazine has steroids in it?

Posted 19 Dec 2015 by Krissy1156 0 answers

Meclazine does it have steroid in it. I'm diabetic and my blood sugar has been high since taking this

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