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Meclizine - Will it help with sinus problems such as sneezing stuffy nose and headache?

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pickles503 16 April 2013

Hi Sue. I didn't find anything about Meclizine that will help head aches. It is a med that can reduce sneezing or stuffy nose.
You know what I'd do? I'd call my pharmacist. They really know their stuff. No need to worry, Sue. Meclizine may help with headaches but it's not helping everyone. I can search the net forever, and not find headache as a relief for that med. I take pseudophedrine and it gets rid of both problems for me. But, because it's an upper, you need to consider the other conditions you have. That's why I think you need to talk to your doc or pharmacist. I'm not sure if you've already tried meclizine or not. It's normally used for nausea, vomiting, and dizziness(vertigo) caused by certain inner ear problems. It is an antihistamine, so it may help. There are a lot of meds to take for these problems, and so reach out and talk to your pharmacist. I know you will.


You sound like a person who will seek the answer until you find it.
I don't know if I could help you, but I'd be happy to try if you need me to.
May peace, hope and love always be with you,

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winnifer43 15 April 2013

No it just stops dizziness and nausea

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Inactive 10 April 2013

Hello Sue Cummings. Possibly it might or can. Regards pledge

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kaismama 10 April 2013

You could try it but other anti histamines are better for that

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