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What to expect from a pain management doctor first visit?

Posted 3 Nov 2013 by pusherx6 4 answers

I have 7 herniated disks and DDD

Difference between Oxycodone 15mg & Oxycodone IR 15mg?

Posted 12 Dec 2014 by miss_beckyloca 6 answers

Ok, I've been in pain management for several years.. I take Oxycodone 15mg every 4-6hrs as well as a couple others that aren't relevant to my question. Today I get my scripts filled & the Oxycodone looks different (not a round green/orange circle as I'm used to), it's like a ...

If I am pulled over driving while taking tramadol, will I be considered driving under the influence?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by debradee1 1 answer

I take 50mg of tramadol every 6 hours for pain management. I was told that it would be dwi I need to know if this is accurate?

How effective is Wellbutrin on Energy/Motivation/Weight management/Libido?

Posted 22 Apr 2017 by G Mc 1 answer

For those who have been on Wellbutrin/buproprion... please rate your experience in the following areas and what dosage level you are on ? (1) Energy (2) Motivation (feeling of getting things accomplished) (3) Weight management (weight loss or weight gain) (4) Libido (increase or decrease)? (This ...

I live in Napa, CA and I'm looking for a good pain management doc. I have a herniated disk and...

Posted 8 days ago by Calinmowreyhurts83 0 answers

... bone spurs in my back. I have two kids and work construction I don't know how long I'll be able to show up from work please someone help

Having problems with my C.M.T. My insurance company wouldn't pay for my meds unless I would go...

Posted 10 Jun 2018 by Ladyhd626 1 answer

... to a pain management doctor. He is not accurately treating me. I have no life now. I am so much pain, I can't do anything. I need some help!

House was broken into and things stolen and had safe my meds were in that was stolen called sherifs?

Posted 24 May 2018 by Miketribble 3 answers

Called the sherrif office and they making report of it all and investigator come out as well took picks ! Well I called my pain management dr and his nurse said he don't write more scripts to replace them !!! And I told her no way I can make it for 3 weeks without it I have bad back and neck ...

What happens when my 30 day prescription lands on a Sunday?

Posted 31 May 2018 by Brrit 1 answer

So I just recently got on a pain management program last month. They told me the give no refills but instead will electronically send the prescription to the pharmacy ever month. Well my 30 days lands on this Sunday when the doctors office is closed. So will he send the prescription to the ...

Has anyone dealt with severe swelling and ulceration of the lips?

Posted 9 Jun 2018 by Amymay78 0 answers

My mom's lips-are so swollen and liberated. Any tips on management and care?

How can you tell if you're taking the real med and not a placebo?

Posted 1 Jun 2018 by OneAnimal 0 answers

I've taken several different meds to help with anxiety and pain management. I don't get the relief the drug states. A friend takes 1/2 Tylenol PM and they are out for 10 hours. I have to take the whole bottle just to get myself to yawn. Can a person be immune the certain meds.

Will I ever feel normal after getting off Cymbalta?

Posted 2 Mar 2018 by Nonnagigi 2 answers

I am new to this sort of thing but I am so tired of my 'head pain' Was prescribed Cymbalta 60mg several years ago by my Pain Management Dr (not my GP) for fibromyalgia and depression. Cymbalta was to also be used as a top up to help with my chronic back pain due to degenerative disc ...

What is the best solution for the management of taking multiple medications?

Posted 19 Apr 2018 by papa719 0 answers

I have multiple conditions requiring multiple prescribed medications-and some OTC Supplements. It becomes difficult determining what prescribed medications to safety take together and which ones to avoid mixing. For Epilepsy I take Vimpat 200 Mg twice daily, and 100 Mg Zonisamide capsule twice ...

Why would my pain management doctor give me Cambia to try out for pain in my body?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Cathyfalu 1 answer

I suffer from fibromyalgia. My pain management doctor gave me Cambia to try out. I am confused, because it's for migraines?

Pain Contract and abandonment of doctor?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Mcksch 1 answer

So, I've been seeing my doctor for about 8 months now. I have chronic pain in my shoulder, and she had been helping me with pain management until my surgery that's in a few months. She had me sign a pain contract. Long story short, My doctor dropped me as a patient now because she said ...

Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferer! I'm on pain meds & Lyrica. Does anyone have any good advice for me?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Fishingbabe73 1 answer

I've heard of a lot of different things to relieve pain such as the surgeries. Can anyone recommend any surgeries that have had total success. I have TN on the left and right. My pain management just wants to threw pills down my throat and I don't want that. I don't want to supress ...

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