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Does omeprazole and nexium 40mg have the same ingredients. Nexium seems to work much better?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 by zoot 6 answers

Have been on omeprazole for 1 1/2 months after being on nexium for a couple years and the feeling of a lump in my throat is back and I suffer from much gas. Can't afford nexium anymore due to 50% co-pay & mandatory 3 month renewals from mail order drug.With nexium I was symptom free almost ...

What could a lump behind my cervix be, it's painful during sex and has been there for a while?

Posted 28 Jul 2013 by Bluesie72 6 answers

I've been having pain during sex since late 2011 and I have gone to a gynecologist multiple times to see why. Every time, he tells me everything looks and feels regular. Today, I was self examining and I found a big, hard lump right behind my cervix. It's slightly movable but extremely ...

Lump on chest pain around heart/left lung area?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by Daklal 2 answers

I have recently been having some pain that I thought was to do with my heart, but I have felt around my chest area and on the left side I have found a small lump but it feels like it should be apart of my bone, it feels very hard. I get sharp pains around my heart/left lung area at least once a ...

When will fluoxetine side effects stop?

Posted 4 days ago by Cmarie222 2 answers

Been on 10 mg. fluoxetine for 27 days & have awful diarrhea, shakiness. Dr. says stay on it and symptoms will go away. Also have lump in throat feeling. Is this normal ? Anyone else feel this way? Anxiety still high.

Need advice on a breast lump?

Posted 6 hours ago by Butterflyfish 0 answers

I woke up one morning and noticed a small, red, very circular lump on the top, outer side of my breast. It looked very much like a spot or gnat bite. By the evening, it has got slightly bigger and hurt to touch. The following morning it had a diameter of about 1cm and then a further "redness ...

Why is there a lump on the bottom leafy part of my head?

Posted 19 days ago by Jodiewasere 0 answers

Was sleeping on the bus and woke up wit my head facing the roof and rubbed my head and felt like a lump on my head I don't no wat it is it sore when I'm lieing down and can't sleep

One of my nipples keeps retracting, what's going on?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by SimplyMee 1 answer

I have no pain No lumps No discoloration No discharge Doesn t feel unusually sensitive or uncomfortable Never had children or Brest fed It doesnt always retract, every so often when undressing I notice it and fix it When it's retracted inward the skin around the nipple is full of lines and ...

Lump on thumb between joint and nail?

Posted 6 Jul 2017 by vcombs65 0 answers

My left eye has been blood shot really bad the past week. Itches burns?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by Mindy2811 0 answers

The past few days it has been burning so bad stinging and very dry. And I noticed it has a white small lump on the white part of my eye.

Had 4 stents put in artery in Jan?

Posted 6 Jun 2017 by heatherld 0 answers

Today a hard lump appeared on the outside area of my knee. It is moveable. What could this be?

What is going on with my skin?

Posted 27 May 2017 by Seekingpeace3030 0 answers

I get these weird hard bumps on my legs and arms... They have white flaky skin on top and if I scratch them, it bleeds. Also patches of just flaky skin... The hard lumps never go away. They just keep getting flaky again. Almost like a calcium deposit or something, and feels like it might be deep ...

Cipro - legumes, peanuts, and do not digest cellulose any more, so many vegetables now?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 by veggiebaby 1 answer

... cause bloating, pain and come out as they went in. Help!!! I am vegetarian so this makes any meal choice scary and painful. History was pain lump in upper left quadrant. E.R. did CTScan with nothing to show. Prescribed Flagyl x7days. Two months later same problem, prescribed Flagyl 10 days and ...

Could I have an anal tumor?

Posted 24 Apr 2017 1 answer

I discovered a hard lump in my rectum about an inch and half or so up 3 months ago. It felt like what I imagine a tumor would feel like. I checked again a few days after i discovered it and it wasn't there. Then a few days later it was there but felt different. I had a rectal exam and the ...

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