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Does omeprazole and nexium 40mg have the same ingredients. Nexium seems to work much better?

Have been on omeprazole for 1 1/2 months after being on nexium for a couple years and the feeling of a lump in my throat is back and I suffer from much gas. Can't afford nexium anymore due to 50% co-pay & mandatory 3 month renewals from mail order drug.With nexium I was symptom free almost... read more

Vivitrol - Lumps at injection site...Anyone? Suggestions to treat them?

I've been on the vivitrol injections for 4 months now. Every time I go in for an injection, I get a big hard painful lump at the injection site that doesn't go away for a long time. I still have a small lump from my first injection. I've been using a heating pad and just Kind of... read more

What could a lump behind my cervix be, it's painful during sex and has been there for a while?

I've been having pain during sex since late 2011 and I have gone to a gynecologist multiple times to see why. Every time, he tells me everything looks and feels regular. Today, I was self examining and I found a big, hard lump right behind my cervix. It's slightly movable but extremely... read more

Lump on chest pain around heart/left lung area?

I have recently been having some pain that I thought was to do with my heart, but I have felt around my chest area and on the left side I have found a small lump but it feels like it should be apart of my bone, it feels very hard. I get sharp pains around my heart/left lung area at least once a... read more

Hi everyone! I have developed a grape-sized lump where blood was drawn from my AC?

This blood draw was over a week ago. Yesterday, it started hurting to bend my elbow. Today I can feel a big lump in the bend of my elbow that is as sore as a boil. There is no discoloration, but slight swelling, no fever. I've never had anything like this. What could it be? Any suggestions,... read more

Acid reflux and lump in throat - Zoloft?

I’ve been on Zoloft since May 11th starting with 25mg. At first I felt the shakes and more anxious than usual, this lasted for a week or two and then started to feel myself again. 2 months later my doc suggested increasing my way to 75mg. Starting with 50mg for 2 weeks then 75mg with hopes of... read more

What can I use to cure chronic epididymitis. I have just been diagnosed with epididymitis?

I have just been diagnosed with epididymitis, it started few months ago, and went back itself without any medication, now it's back with full force, am now feeling a lump in my left testicle went to see my doctor and he placed on Ofloxacin, and a pain relief I am currently on the third day... read more

Nexplanon - Anyone feel lumps in their implant?

I feel like I have 3 little lumps over my implant like it's not just smooth is this normal?

I think I have fordyce spots but recently found a hard noticable spot which is a lump and hard?

I am 15, 16 next month. I have had little fordyce spots or what it seems to be. I have had them for about 2 years now and they seem to not go at all. all of them are area-d on the shaft and testicle area. they have spread up the shaft of my penis over years. However recently I have developed a red... read more

Bydureon - In average,how long before the lumps go away?

I have been injecting into my thighs.I feel nervous about them not going away. Any suggestions? I did read about trying my stomach area or putting ice on the site after injections. Is there a reason the bumps don't go into my system? I was expecting them to go away eventually. Any help?

Bydureon - When do the hard lumps finally go away? Is there a way to avoid them?

Am I injecting myself incorrectly?

Can valacyclovir be used for a cyst or infected lump?

My boyfriend of over 2 years has had occasional problems with a "cyst or lump" on his upper thigh/groin every 6 months or so (so he claims) and recently I found an empty prescription for valacyclovir knowing that could be the only thing that he was prescribed for it. I am very scared he... read more

How long after starting protonix does it start helping with symptoms of reflux?

For about 5 months I've been having issues with swallowing food, feeling the lump in my throat/ excess mucus that won't come up and shortness of breath. I finally went to a GI and I was given an upper endoscopy. I was told I had an ulcer and reflux. I was prescribed pantoprazole. My... read more

Can I use Bactroban on a lump/infected cyst on my vaginal lip?

Very Swollen and painful, not sure if it is a cyst, or a boil.

Fluoxetine - causing the feeling of a lump in my throat?

Is the feeling of a lump in my throat a side effect of these drugs, in particular Fluoxetine? I seemd to have developed this side effect and it is triggering panic attacks because it is as if I can't breath or swallow. Once I relax a bit it gets better but never completely goes away. Then is... read more

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