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Does omeprazole and nexium 40mg have the same ingredients. Nexium seems to work much better?

Posted 11 Feb 2014 by zoot 6 answers

Have been on omeprazole for 1 1/2 months after being on nexium for a couple years and the feeling of a lump in my throat is back and I suffer from much gas. Can't afford nexium anymore due to 50% co-pay & mandatory 3 month renewals from mail order drug.With nexium I was symptom free almost ...

What could a lump behind my cervix be, it's painful during sex and has been there for a while?

Posted 28 Jul 2013 by Bluesie72 6 answers

I've been having pain during sex since late 2011 and I have gone to a gynecologist multiple times to see why. Every time, he tells me everything looks and feels regular. Today, I was self examining and I found a big, hard lump right behind my cervix. It's slightly movable but extremely ...

Hard lump on jaw, under ear of 15 mth old?

Posted 2 days 16 hours ago by AndersonCarol 0 answers

My granddaughter, 15 months, that in the last 4 days has got a golf ball size lump under her ear/jaw area. It's really hard and it's really red from the earlobe down. It hurts to touch. Dr's. said there was no fluid or puss in it but can't say what it is. Been to two hospitals, ...

Should I see another doctor?

Posted 10 days ago by rachelshill 1 answer

5 days ago i was bitten by a bug. the area had 2 large, itchy lumps. after three days, the swelling and itchiness went down significantly. i went to a doctor and they just said to keep it clean and apply hydrocortisone cream. however it is now a dark purple color, 5 days later. again, it ...

Anyone have an idea what a lump running from temple to back over the ear might be?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by egenara 2 answers

my 21 yr old daughter has a lump/raised area, running from her temple to back above her ear, on the left side of her head. its about an inch to inch and a half vertically and raised about 1/3 to 1/2 inch. As far as touching goes, she says it doesnt hurt, but is a source of headache pain. Any ...

What is this lump feeling?

Posted 15 Feb 2017 by Conor3010 2 answers

I am a 16 year old male. I can feel a bulging discomfort in my lower right rib cage, it feels as though behind the ribs. It doesn't cause pain or irritation and i can forget about the feeling if i dont think about it. But it is always there. I cannot feel this lump thing externally with my ...

Coughing up tiny blood-like-vessels in phlegm?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by SyringomyeliaSucks 2 answers

Everyday I'll cough up a lump of phlegm which is greenish (I've had this for months and months) the last few days I've noticed there's lots of tiny blood-vessel-like things in there rather than streaks of blood... I have an ongoing problem with my best suspected heart failure by ...

Should I be concerned? weight fluctuations, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes in groin?

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by jrevans 2 answers

2 years ago I noticed a hard pea sized lump left groin. Today it's 3 fingers wide and mushy. A month ago I found a hard pea size lump on right side groin. For 2 years I've had weight that fluctuates from 150-190 from month to month. Currently I'm 152 the lowest I've been since I ...

Lump on vaginal wall before cervix?

Posted 29 Jan 2017 by EmX 1 answer

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had this problem before or if anyone has any advice on what it could be. I am 22 years old and have been with my partner for 3.5yrs, for the past 3 years we haven't been able to have sex due to intense pain when inserting (we had great pain free sex before). I ...

Will this medicine help if I have an infection in my mouth and glands in throat caused by bad teeth?

Posted 13 Feb 2017 by KristinaLeanne 0 answers

I have a few bad teeth that are infected and need to be removed I now also have lumps that are swollen and hurt so I believe its spreading... what antibiotic is recommended

Hi, I'm a 25 yr old male with a painful lump on the left side of my chest. What could it be??

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by jarrodluther 1 answer

Hi, I am a 25 year old male. I have a very painful lump on the left side of my chest. It is hard and doesn't move. I noticed the onset about two weeks ago. And it has grown since then. It's about 2" by 3". The pain gets worse by deep breaths. No fever though. Please help. Thank ...

14 month old accidentally given Gardasil?

Posted 20 Jan 2017 by bizime 0 answers

What side effects might we expect from my 14 month grandson receiving a Gardasil vaccination this week. I know it is intended for older youth. Other than a large painful red lump,fussiness, fever, and lack of appetite can we expect any other negative side effects? He received the vaccination 4 days ...

Lump on chest pain around heart/left lung area?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by Daklal 2 answers

I have recently been having some pain that I thought was to do with my heart, but I have felt around my chest area and on the left side I have found a small lump but it feels like it should be apart of my bone, it feels very hard. I get sharp pains around my heart/left lung area at least once a ...

I have a lump on my left elbow what could it be?

Posted 27 Dec 2016 by Neal Keniry 0 answers

It is over the joint and moves . It is soft.

Just found a painful internal mass near my prostate and urethrae?

Posted 24 Dec 2016 by Paul in Colorado 0 answers

I am supposed to leave tomorrow for a long awaited trip to Israel but today I went to my Doctor to have a internal painful lump I just found near my anus. Doctor said it is an abscess of some sort and sent me to a anal surgery specialist who informed me it was not connected to my colon but rather ...

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