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Can antibiotics cause constipation?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Fleet Enema - I have been constipated for 2wks now... I took stool softener for 4days but when I?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 4 answers

... still hadn't gone I took a stimulant laxative that was expired, it gave me cramping but didn't work at all, so I took 2 doses of miralax in 24hrs but woke up this morning and was so uncomfortable with abdominal bloating, fullness and just so uncomfortable that I decided to try an ...

Milk of Magnesia - is this a good laxative?

Posted 5 Apr 2011 2 answers

if I have a large deposit of hard phecies will it soften it and allow for passage safely. I have taken other laxatives and they are not helping.

How long did it take to work?

Posted 7 Apr 2011 4 answers

I am 25 and as long as I can remember I have had problems with constipation. It has become progressively worse and I am just sick of all the laxatives and fiber. I've tried everything. I feel like this is my last chance. So I have been talk.g the 8 mgs 2xday. No BM yet it has been 3 days now. ...

I was prescribed three meds and they are naproxen 500mg, hydrocodone, and diazepam. Can I take all?

Posted 27 Mar 2015 2 answers

Is it save to take them all three. I was prescribed these meds for my sciatic pain. Also, is it safe to take a laxative pill? I lost feeling from my buttock and can't go. Thanks

What illnesses can one get from consuming expired laxatives?

Posted 16 Nov 2012 1 answer

Laxative name;Laxa

Prednisone with laxatives?

Posted 27 Oct 2011 1 answer

I just started on 20 mg 2xday prednisone for inflammation of the temporal artery. I'm also long time user of laxatives for chronic constipation. What laxatives can be used with prednisone?

Help, may have fecal impaction?

Posted 4 Aug 2014 2 answers

I may have had fecal impaction/ constipation these last two days, but now after taking a laxative and some miralax think its softened up. But the problem is, Im afraid to let it out because previous times its been so painful due to the constipation/fecal impaction. What do I do, I have to poop, but ...

Fecal Impaction - Please help!! I am a 21 year old female and I’ve been having very sharp pains?

Posted 20 Mar 2018 2 answers

... for a couple of months now. Two weeks ago I had an impacted stool and tried everything. Laxatives, stool softener, magnesium citrate, miralax, eating greens, etc. I had a colonoscopy last Tuesday so I had to clear my self out. I little by little pulled it out and it took about a week. ...

I am taking warfarin and want to use a laxative safe for use with it. Please let me know?

Posted 2 Sep 2014 2 answers

does non contraindicated mean safe or no?

I have chronic constinpation. I started taking Trulance 3 days ago, is not working I can’t go?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 1 answer

I can’t go to the bathroom, with Trulance, usually I use to take high doses of laxative pills every day. My Dr prescribed Trulance is not working, can I take higher dose?

Constipation problem please help?

Posted 7 Jan 2014 5 answers

I have been dealing with constipation for months now. I'll be able to go normally and regularly for a while and then I won't be able to go again for days. I took a laxative a few days ago and I was able to go then but now I am still not able to go and it is driving me crazy. I eat a high ...

How long after taking magnesium citrate will it be before you have a normal bowel movement?

Posted 19 Sep 2017 0 answers

I have been taking magnesium citrate advice of my Dr, but I need to know what to expect afterwards, e.g. how long should I wait before taking a laxative again. Once I use it I have diarrhea for a day then nothing. Thank you Also I cannot get a appointment with a GI doctor for 3 weeks, how often can ...

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