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Laxative Questions

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How long does it take for suprep to work?

Can antibiotics cause constipation?

Fleet Enema - I have been constipated for 2wks now... I took stool softener for 4days but when I?

... still hadn't gone I took a stimulant laxative that was expired, it gave me cramping but didn't work at all, so I took 2 doses of miralax in 24hrs but woke up this morning and was so uncomfortable with abdominal bloating, fullness and just so uncomfortable that I decided to try an... read more

How long did it take to work?

I am 25 and as long as I can remember I have had problems with constipation. It has become progressively worse and I am just sick of all the laxatives and fiber. I've tried everything. I feel like this is my last chance. So I have been talk.g the 8 mgs 2xday. No BM yet it has been 3 days now.... read more

Is a Fleet enema safe to use if it's expired but still sealed and new?

Fleet Ready to Use saline laxative 4.5 oz latex free Single dose Active ingredient: monobadic sodium Phosphate 19g Dibasic sodium Phosphate 7g Expired a few years ago Is it still safe to use?

Hello, I am on Contrave for 12 days and experiencing severe constipation. Can I use stool over the?

... counter laxatives/softeners? Thank you

The Do's and Don'ts of Treating Constipation

I am taking warfarin and want to use a laxative safe for use with it. Please let me know?

does non contraindicated mean safe or no?

Phentermine - constipation?

The pill works great I can deal with the energy boost dryness of mouth mood swings and all but I've taken it for seven days 3 days straight with no bowl movement I took a laxative it worked but I'm back to same scenerio I don't want to take laxative at all cause I heard they are bad... read more

Prednisone with laxatives?

I just started on 20 mg 2xday prednisone for inflammation of the temporal artery. I'm also long time user of laxatives for chronic constipation. What laxatives can be used with prednisone?

Im suffering from IBS-C-D and also a lactose intolerant, should I take lactulose as laxative or not?

i m 27 yrz old, have been suffering from chronic constipation for last 7 yrz. from the last 7 months, got diarrhea but could not cured completely and could not eat or drink anything which contains sugar natural or artificial even in fruits.lost weight 13.2 lbs within these 7 months. currently,... read more

What illnesses can one get from consuming expired laxatives?

Laxative name;Laxa

Laxative Tea and Birth Control Pills??

How does one take laxatives properly with birth control pills? Hi. I have this weight loss laxative tea containing senna and i took it 7pm 3 hours after i took my birth control pills. The website where i got the tea warned "Yes, the teatox can potentially reduce the effectiveness of birth... read more

Constipation keeps coming back?

Since about May of this year, I have had pretty much constant constipation, in the fact that I have had 8 goLytely colon clean outs, many enema's, and one colonoscopy in late July. I am currently taking miralax everyday 2-3 times a day prescribed by my GI, as well as a constipated med called... read more

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