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Does Latuda cause weight gain in a lot of people or is it extremely rare to gain weight?

Posted 16 May 2014 29 answers

Does Latuda cause weight gain? I hope its extremely rare to gain weight while taking this medicine. I hope the odds are in my favor to not gain any weight or have any side effects at all that would be awesome!!Just started taking Latuda after stopping Abilify because of weight gain hope I made a... read more

Is anyone taking Latuda for Bipolar disorder?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 31 answers

Although the inserts all state this is used for Schizophrenia,my MD said that was marketing decision and it is possible to use it for Bipolar disorder

Latuda: to take or not to take?

Posted 21 Jul 2012 27 answers

My psych prescribed Latuda yesterday, to help me with my moods. I don't have an official diagnosis like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; in fact my Dr and I differ greatly when it comes to what we think is wrong with me. My father, whom I was very close to, passed away suddenly last... read more

I have been taking Latuda now for 4 days and no symptom relief, how long until it starts working?

Posted 22 Jan 2012 10 answers

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 2 years ago I have been on numerous meds. I just started taking Latuda 4 days ago. For two days I took 40 mg now I am at 80 I feel any symptom relief at all it almost feels like I am not taking any meds at all. I am really disappointed because I heard good... read more

How long can withdrawal from Latuda last?

Posted 30 Sep 2014 10 answers

I'm bi-polar 1 and have been on 20mg of Latuda for 1 yr. Things have been going OK lately so I decided to stop Latuda. It's been two weeks and things are not going well. First it was OK, but then depression (some intense bouts) started happening. I'm trying to figure out if this is... read more

Does Latuda HAVE to be taken with food? What happens if you dont?

Posted 20 Nov 2015 4 answers

I JUST read that I have to take Latuda with the 350 calories and it explains why I have been feeling so crappy lately. I would take it with food in the beginning when I was taking the 20mgs with no side effects. Once I started taking the 40mgs, I became super sleepy a couple hours after taking it... read more

How long does it take for Latuda to start working?

Posted 24 Aug 2014 7 answers

How long does it take for Latuda to get out of your system?

Posted 15 Sep 2014 8 answers

How long does it take for 40mg per day of Latuda to get out of your system. I have been taking for about 8 months and have had an increase in my blood sugar and not being diabetic

I am pregnant and Bipolar can I take Latuda?

Posted 28 Apr 2011 10 answers

My doctor gave me Latuda to try, but I told him I am 10 weeks pregnant Is that goint to affect the baby? Also, I ask my doctor if Latuda have any side affects. Before I take this drug I would like to get a clear answer in what I am taking and if it's safe for my baby. Please help.

Does Latuda help for panic and anxiety disorder?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 2 answers

I suffer from major panic attacks and anxiety I feel blue all the time my dr. Just put me on Latuda because she said it will help with that and my bipolar what do you guys think

Has anyone taken Abilify by itself? My doc just prescribed me 10 mg?

Posted 23 May 2018 5 answers

Hi all, I went to the doc yesterday and she prescribed me 10 mg of Abilify by itself. In the past I had taken Wellbutrin and Lamictal combo. She’s been wanting me to try Latuda but the price has always been a huge issue for me. It I told her it might be something I could try. Before my... read more

When will Latuda be available as a generic?

Posted 23 Oct 2018 4 answers

Does Latuda cause weight gain in most cases or is it rare?

Posted 25 Oct 2015 7 answers

The Psychiatrist who put me on Latuda originally told me it didn't cause weight gain but since then I've heard it has. What's your experience been?

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