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Ketorolac Questions

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Which painkiller should you use?

How and where is the Toradol injection given?

How long does ketorolac (Toradol) stay in your system?

I will be taking a urine test soon.

What OTC meds can I take safely with Ketorolac. I know Ibuprofen is a no-no?

I take Ketorolac for my migraine headaches but taking one or even two just isn't enough. I have several other Rx meds I take (both as preventative and pain relief) but was wondering if there are OTC meds I can take with the Ketorolac (obviously not Ibuprofen) that might help combat the pain.

Ketorolac - Are there withdrawal symptoms after taking ketorolac long term?

My doctor had me on long term dosage for arthritis in hips. When I did a search on the medication and read the dangers of long term ketorolac, I immediately stopped taking it. I've been sick ever since

I have acid reflux and was given ketorolac?

I have acid reflux and was given ketorolac. And baclofen i had blood comeing out both ends. Went back to the ER they took me off them both and i am still geting blood when going to the bathroom not a lot but some its black. And there is pain pain in my lower abdomen. What can this mean its been... read more

Can I take clonazepam and TORADOL (ketorolac tromethamine) together?

clonazepam is 1mg, round and yellow will i die or be hospitalized from this mixture of medications?

Ketorolac - Did you gain weight?

4 times daily to take my pill means what?

I was given prescription in Mexico for ketorolaco. What is it?

I was prescribed this medication after dental work in Mexico - just would like to know what it is.

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