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Ketorolac - Did you gain weight?


razorbacks1 6 Sep 2022

no been taking a while

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RedSox978 23 Nov 2015

Ketorolac is a medication used in a similar manner as aspirin, Naproxen and other NSAIDs pain relievers. These do not cause weight gain in most people; although, ketorolac is superior in COX-2 inhibition causing stomach & liver toxicity over long-term use. Likely the change in life-style, like pain causing couch-lock, will change the way energy is stored and used. By inhibiting both COX-1 and 2 the drug is obsolete to Celebrex, Mobic; COX-2 essentially the target of all NSAIDs with minimal side-effects in contrast to the "classic" compounds. Newly classified for chronic pain, new steps have made a better product, less side-effect. It's only meant for short-term management so I would assume in a non-biological conclusion: this is a strong, but dangerous over time especially when if chronic pain is the issue. Weight may be lost or gained, having nothing to do with the medication.

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