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4 times daily to take my pill means what?

This question has also been asked and answered here: How do you take a prescription 3x or 4x a day?


chuck1957 28 March 2017

Well, Alexandria77; being this is what it is what they are saying is take it as close to every 6 hours during waking hours. which is the same as 4 times daily. Just get it as close as you can. If you have any problems call your doctor or Pharmacist.

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chuck1957 28 March 2017

Alexandria; forgot it is a good idea to take this medication with food or milk, also and do not take any Aspirin or NSAIDS WHILE ON THIS SUCH AS Motrin, Advil, or any other this is much stronger. and normally only taken for 5 days.

Alexandria77 28 March 2017

Thank you for your answer :) ... having said that ... I was also prescribed baclofen 3 times daily ... meaning ??

chuck1957 28 March 2017

Baclofen would be like one ever 8 hours like am, noon, and evening, and also if you have not started these yet today just take the one baclofen at bedtime, And you could take the other NOW, AND ONE AT BEDTIME SAY BETWEEN 9 AND 10. NO ALCOHOL CAN MAKE YOUR DROWSY. HOPE THIS HELPS.
CHUCK so today just take one of the tramadol at bedtime and you could fit in 1 baclofen now and one with the Tramadol at bedtime. hope that is clear enough. chuck.

chuck1957 28 March 2017

oops I said tramadol and I meant to say torodol that is the one you just take one today at bedtime. free discount card

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