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Ketamine for Depression?

Posted 11 days ago by Blessed716 2 answers

Has anyone tried the ketamine infusions for depression. If so, would you please share your experience? I'm interested, but there is very little data online. Just a few clinical studies but no patient experiences. I'm always interested in "real" experiences to expand my knowledge.

Can ketamine infusions make you lose your hair?

Posted 26 Nov 2016 by LeeAnne1226 1 answer

I also have stopped several drugs and lost a good amount of weight.

I am having a lot of the undesirable side effects of Gabapentin. I take 300mg 2x does not

Posted 17 Apr 2013 by overprescribedagain 2 answers

... work on the pain only makes me feel bad. However, I get a compound cream which has gabapentin, ketamine and clonidine and surprisingly, it does work short term topically. Enough time for me to get me breakthrough meds working. I want to stop the gabapentin completely, even just the cream gives ...

Can pregnant woman use ketamine for pain ?

Posted 13 Jun 2016 by alamight 1 answer

Is taking ketamine orally as effective as infusions?

Posted 2 Apr 2016 by SteveSSK 1 answer

This is for treatment resistant depression.

Veterinary - what is the safest anesthesia for a African serval? just to knock out long enough to?

Posted 18 Apr 2016 by firewolf3251 0 answers

... take x-rays ct scan and blood work, my vet the was her vet left the practice left with old vet her gave her a shot called telazol i didn't know at the time it had ketamine in it this is not safe for servals they have a small for their size liver, she was knocked out for 10 hours without ...

How does Ketamine nasal spray work for pain, and is there problems?

Posted 11 Jul 2012 1 answer

and side effects experienced by folks that have tried this? A compound pharmacy gave me 100mg to try, but I am always apprehensive about trying something new for fear of how my weirdo body reacts to things. I don't have official diagnosis but it seems like I have RSD. Could it help depression ...

I was just in the emergency room and was given ketaminein I have no idea what happened to me but all

Posted 14 Jan 2016 by Erica m 1 answer

... of aa sudden I felt that I was dying. I could see myself dying I can't put into words what I felt or what was happening to me but I am still scared. I am too scared to go to sleep I can't stop thinking about it what should I do???

Is it possible for Ketamine to affect me a month later?

Posted 27 Nov 2015 by Stevehill76 1 answer

A mont or so ago I was given Ketamine in the ER tonight I woke up feeling like I did in the hospital. I was very confused and disoriented is this possible?

Does ketamine work to relieve depression? Does it take chunks out of one's memory?

Posted 28 Oct 2015 by winthies 1 answer

Ketamine seems to be the new Holy Grail against depression, particularly when combined with suicidal ideation. Does it work? Does it obliterate some memory?

How does ketamine show up in a UA?

Posted 11 Sep 2010 by Jonespidell 3 answers

If I take ketamine and then take a UA, what will it show up as?

My 16 year old daughter has a bad rash all over her face and neck She had a ketamine infusion for 8?

Posted 25 Mar 2015 by Kerryedmondson 2 answers

... days to try and break her crps pain in her legs Now the rash is getting hotter and more itchy and making her very distressed is there any thing that you can recommend to do and how long will this last I am giving her 180 mg antihistamine for the itch skin ???

Are there any studies about the effectiveness of Ketamine for post surgical nerve damage?

Posted 15 Aug 2014 by KevinsMama 2 answers

My son (adult) had surgery for an inguinal hernia 7 years ago and another surgery to the same site 3yr ago for increased pain. The Dr. removed the old mesh and used new mesh. He has never been pain free and the pain continues to increase. The first surgeon referred to another surgeon who says it is ...

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