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Insomnia News

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Health Tip: Sleep's Effects on Diabetes

Posted 11 days ago by

-- Lack of sleep is an often overlooked risk factor for type 2 diabetes, the National Sleep Foundation says. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to less insulin production and increased production of stress hormones, the foundation says. Over time, too much glucose stays in the bloodstream and increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Getting insufficient sleep can also increase your ...

Health Tip: Sleep Better

Posted 18 days ago by

-- Poor sleep increases your risk of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and obesity, the U.S. National Institute on Aging says. Poor sleep also has been linked to memory problems and increased risk of falls, the agency adds. You should aim for at least seven hours of quality sleep each night. The institute offers these suggestions for ...

Health Tip: Manage Non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder

Posted 2 Feb 2018 by

-- Many people, the far majority of them blind, have non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder (Non-24), which affects the circadian rhythm. This means their bodies don't properly prepare for sleep while it's dark outside and for wakefulness while it's light out. As a result, many people with the disorder cite ongoing fatigue. The National Sleep Foundation mentions these potential remedies: Eat a diet that ...

A Sleepy Child Is More Likely to Pile on Pounds

Posted 26 Jan 2018 by

FRIDAY, Jan. 26, 2018 – Poor sleep may make your children more than just grumpy, a new study suggests. Kids who don't get enough sleep are more likely to be obese later on, researchers report. And that might even boost their odds for cancer decades later. The study of 120 U.S. children, average age 8, linked poor sleep quality to higher body mass index (BMI), an estimate of body fat based on ...

Sleepy U.S. Teens Are Running on Empty

Posted 25 Jan 2018 by

THURSDAY, Jan. 25, 2018 – Most American teenagers are plagued by too little sleep, which can hurt their health and their school performance, federal health officials said Thursday. Nearly 58 percent of middle school students in nine states and almost 73 percent of high school students across the country don't get the recommended amount of nightly shuteye, according to a report from the U.S. ...

Americans Finally Getting a Little More Sleep

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 – Are bleary-eyed Americans getting a break at last? New research suggests that people are sleeping a few more minutes each night than they used to. "Over 14 years [2003 to 2016], Americans were getting 17 minutes more sleep every night, or a full four days more sleep per year," said study lead researcher Dr. Mathias Basner. He's associate professor at the University of ...

Americans Finally Getting a Little More Sleep

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 – Are bleary-eyed Americans getting a break at last? New research suggests that people are sleeping a few more minutes each night than they used to. "Over 14 years [2003 to 2016], Americans were getting 17 minutes more sleep every night, or a full four days more sleep per year," said study lead researcher Dr. Mathias Basner. He's associate professor at the University of ...

All That Smartphone Time May Be Making Teens Unhappy

Posted 22 Jan 2018 by

MONDAY, Jan. 22, 2018 – Teens who are glued to their smartphones and other devices are unhappier than those who spend less time on digital media, new research finds. The study can't prove cause-and-effect, so it's not clear if teens are made unhappy by spending a long time on their devices, or whether less happy teens are simply drawn to using them more. But whatever the relationship, "the key ...

Sleep Better, Lose Weight?

Posted 17 Jan 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 17, 2018 – Sleeplessness could cost you when it's time to stand on your bathroom scale, a new British study suggests. People plagued by insomnia who began sleeping more cut the amount of sugary foods they tended to eat, an experiment at King's College London revealed. U.S. experts said the findings show that sleep can help foster healthier eating habits. "We really need to be ...

To-Do List Before Bedtime Prompts Better Sleep

Posted 16 Jan 2018 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 16, 2018 – It sounds counterintuitive, but researchers report that writing a to-do list just before you hit the pillow might send you off to sleep more quickly. The lab study included 57 university students who took five minutes before going to bed to either write down what they needed to do over the next few days, or to list the tasks they had completed during the previous few ...

Health Tip: Taking Fewer Naps

Posted 12 Jan 2018 by

-- Has your doctor suggested taking fewer naps? Or are you ready to wean a child from napping? The National Sleep Foundation suggests how: Don't expect to accomplish the deed overnight. Napping isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. An occasional nap is to be expected. Turn nap time into quiet time. Allow for a period of calm, such as by reading or listening to quiet music. If necessary, move ...

Health Tip: No Screens Before Going to Bed

Posted 30 Dec 2017 by

-- Using a TV, computer or smartphone just before bed is a bad idea. These and similar gadgets emit blue light, which can harm sleep quality, the National Sleep Foundation says. Studies show blue light delays release of sleep-inducingmelatonin and resets the body's internal clock to a later time. This can leave parents with children who have given themselves "a mini case of jet lag," the ...

Amber-Tinted Glasses Might Get You More Sleep

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by

TUESDAY, Dec. 26, 2017 – For the tech-obsessed who use their smartphones, laptops and tablets right before bedtime, a small new study suggests that inexpensive amber-tinted glasses might guarantee sound slumber. The glasses block the blue-wavelength light emitted from many hi-tech devices. That light suppresses the brain's production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles. ...

Reduce Stress and Eat Healthy to Fight Infection

Posted 22 Dec 2017 by

FRIDAY, Dec. 22, 2017 – A hectic holiday pace not only tires you out, it makes it easier to pick up an infection. Reducing stress, getting enough sleep and healthy eating are among the things you can do to stay healthy if you're traveling over the holidays, one expert suggests. Stress levels can rise at this time of year, so it's important to acknowledge and manage your anxiety, said Dr. James ...

Health Tip: All-Nighters Are Unhealthy

Posted 20 Dec 2017 by

-- All-nighters are a favorite pastime for many college kids who cram for exams at the last minute. But the resulting lack of sleep is anything but healthy, the National Sleep Foundation says. The foundation says doing an all-nighter may: Make you forgetful. Lead to weight gain. Affect your mood. Affect your circadian rhythm, the 24-hour internal clock that helps regulate alertness, blood ...

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