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Infectious Gastroenteritis Questions

Related terms: Gastroenteritis, viral, Norovirus enteritis, Norwalk virus, Rotaviral enteritis, Stomach Flu

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Phenergan - Does phenerghan help with stomach flu?

Reaction or stomach flu to Augmentin?

My daughter was prescribed Augmentin for an ear infection. She had her 1st dose last night & her 2nd this morning. She was well & her normal self until mid afternoon, she woke up from her nap throwing up & has been ever since. She has the chills, feels warm but no fever. She looks... read more

I was diagnosed with shingles and was given Tylenol 3 and ibuprofen to manage pain. I took about 100

manage pain - I have taken 100... Tylenol 3's in about 2 weeks - and have stopped taking this. I now have either withdrawal or stomach flu - how do I know the difference '

I forgot to take my Cymbalta 4 days in a row because I have had the flu. What are the side effects?

I’ve had the stomach flu since Tuesday night and it is now Sunday. Today I realized that I have completely forgot to take my Cymbalta (the only medication I take in the mornings) since I’ve been sick. I’ve been extremely emotional (as if I am on my period, but I am not) and... read more

Gallbladder issues or just a stomach flu?

7 days ago all of a sudden I had nausea, vomiting, yellow diarrhea, fever (102.6), body ache, and chills. Couldn't keep water or food down for 2.5 days. Thought it was just the stomach flu but on day 3 went into my primary care physician in case there was something he could give me. He... read more

Stomach flu, skipped fluoxetine for 2 days?

Friday night I came down with a stomach bug. I thought I was fine the next morning and took my 40mg of fluoxetine(Prozac) but vomited just 30 minutes after taking it. I was unable to keep down anything yesterday and today(even water) so I didn't take my medication. I'm not sure yet if... read more

How long does the flu last for?

What causes the flu and how long does the flu last for? How does flu differ from stomach flu?

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