7 days ago all of a sudden I had nausea, vomiting, yellow diarrhea, fever (102.6), body ache, and chills. Couldn't keep water or food down for 2.5 days. Thought it was just the stomach flu but on day 3 went into my primary care physician in case there was something he could give me.

He wanted to get to a better diagnosis so he took some blood. Blood results came back with elevated "alkaline something" which he said could be gallbladder, so they ordered an upper abdominal ultrasound and I'm waiting on the results.

On day 5 I started to feel a little better, no more vomiting, although I'm still nauseous, still have the yellow diarrhea, and no fever in the mornings but fever starts going back up in afternoon/evening. It hasn't gotten above 101.2 though in past few days.

Crazy bad indigestion and heartburn after anything I eat, and I'm pretty much sticking to the BRAT diet. Lots of belching, and some gas although not as much gas as I have been having in the past 6 months (which I never had in the past). I have intermittent pain (dull, achy) in the upper right abdomen and sometimes in the same area on my back. But it's not sharp or severe like gallstone pains from what I hear.

I won't get the US results for two more days and I'm going crazy with the nausea and overall bad feeling. Does this sound like gallbladder disease? Any other ideas? Just hate the waiting, and it's not so bad that I need to go to the ER.