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Hypothyroidism - After Thyroid Removal Questions

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Effect of not taking medicine after thyroid removal?

Hypothyroidism - After Thyroid Removal - I am 28yrs old having my second "thyroid storm" due to?

... hyperthyroidism. An ultrasound revealed I have a fairly large goiter on my thyroid an my symptoms from the hyperthyroid are worsening so, doctor has decided its best just to remove my thyroid. I was wondering if there was anyone out there with something similar to my case. How did you feel once... read more

Can you take Armour thyroid with synthroid?

I have been on synthroid for 12 years since the total removal of my thyroid. I have weight gain, hair loss(clog drain every time I wash my hair) and low energy. Sometimes my thinking seems foggy and slow. My dose has been checked and adjusted to current levels of 112mg.

Armour Thyroid - How do I find a doc who will prescribe Armour?

I do not trust TSH tests and want to TRY Armour after complete thyroid removal 20 years ago. After thyroid removal, my surgeon put me on Synthroid for 16 years and i felt super. Then my insurance plan dripped coverage of Synthroid and I was put on levothyroxine. Changed docs, who lowered my... read more

How does Wellbutrin work with synthroid? I have no thyroid due to cancer. Since starting Wellbutrin?

... SR on 12/7 I am losing my voice, I'm extremely tired, I have no energy and I have a slight migraine that will not go away. Plus I feel hungry even though I've just eaten. I'm wondering if these two drugs just don't meld together? I also have no sex drive at all and no... read more

I think Synthroid is causing me stomach pain & diarrhea. Can I switch to something similar?

I have been taking Synthoid for 8 months since having my thyroid removed and have been having stomach pain and diarrhea for several weeks. My TSH level is 2.5 so endocrinologist says my dosage of Synthroid is fine and I should see my regular doctor. I really think it is related to the Synthroid. Is... read more

If my tsh levels are very low would I take a higher dose of levothyroxin?

tsh level is 0.03

Levothyroxine makes me gained weight?

I was diagnosed of hyperthyroidism year 2009, I've had the thyroid iodine treatment right after and had 50mcg levothyroxine and 10mcg liothyroxine medicines since then. Weight gain was not an issue until last year, I am 5 feet tall and a 110 pounds but now, my weight gain is going up like... read more

My endocrinologist said I can take my levothyroxine with food because I get so sick when I take it?

However I’m worried about the effectiveness. I was always told to take it on empty stomach and wait an hour to eat. What do I do ? Since taking it with food, I haven’t gotten sick.

What happens is I don't take levothyroxine after thyroidectomy?

Had thyroid taken out last year, the meds are just as bad so I haven't been taking them. They didn't even need to take it out! I don't feel the same, the after effects make me feel bad.. What happens if I stop taking it completely, I feel better when I don't take it... But I... read more

Can levothyroxine cause a skin rash?

Developed rash after two weeks? I've been on levothyroxine (after thryoid removal) for two weeks and take it first thing in morning on empty stomach, two hours before breakfast. This morning my chest broke out in a rash and itches. Still there after 12 hours. Is this a symptom of the... read more

Why is Armour Thyroid medication so expensive?

I just picked up my refill today and it went up to $53.50 for a 60 day supply. My last refill cost $44 and change. When I first started this medication a little over 2 years ago, I was only paying $8 for a 60 day supply. My dosage is 60 mg.

Phentermine/topiramate - When do you take Phentermine, Topiramate and Synthroid?

I am 46 year old 5’4 and I weigh 208 lbs. After having our child, I had gained over 100lbs. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism. My thyroid was controlled for awhile but this year my thyroid has been uncontrollable. I am taking Synthroid (brand) 137mg. Two weeks ago, I... read more

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