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Hypotension Questions

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Norepinephrine vs epinephrine: what's the difference?

Norepinephrine and epinephrine are both used in emergency medicine but what is the difference between them?

Does Xarelto increase or decrease blood pressure?

Does Xarelto cause hypertension or hypotension?

Is Entresto a blood thinner and does it lower blood pressure?

Does Kerendia lower blood pressure?

Does Xgeva cause low blood pressure?

If my BP is really low should I stop taking my high BP meds?

I’ve been taking Lisinopril 10mg for high BP for several months but I took my bp and now it was 82/58, so I took it again and it was 96/60. Should I stop taking it altogether or just skip a dose if it’s low and start to monitor it daily?

What are the effects of sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses?

do sympathomimetic drugs in therapeutic doses cause tachycardia , hypotension, decrease cardiac output , or arrhythmias?. Are they contraindicated in thyrotoxicosis?

How long does bisoprolol rebound last after stopping the medication?

I have not had rebound hypertension (I have stopped because of hypotension and I never had high blood pressure anyway) but it is mainly sweating and anxiety. The other side effects I had have gone away

Accidentally took 10mg Norvasc (amlodipine)

Hi everyone I accidentally took my husband's high blood pressure medication (Norvasc 10mg). I am a bit concerned as I don't have high blood pressure - in fact it's on the low side, last I measured was 98/65. How worried should I be?

When prescribing a new medication, does a health care physician have the knowledge of interactions?

I'm concerned with the risk of interactions between medications my father takes daily. As well as the majority interactions resulting in low blood pressure. Is it reasonable to question my concern with a health care physician; one that has years of experience. If so what is the proper approach.

Fluvoxamine - experiencing mania as a side effect as well as a withdrawal symptom?

Decreasing dose for good after being prescribed high doses in 2019. Mania has always been a part of the effects, but I did not know how to recognize it. Irritation aside that it wasn’t identified despite being observed by professionals, I feel like there’s a strong reason to decrease... read more

Does Entresto or Coreg cause low blood pressure or hypotension?

My blood pressure has decreased from normal with medication (117/60) to (100/60) after doctors added more Lasix and Farxiga to my medications secondary to fluid retention in my legs. Is it best for doctors to decrease the Entresto that I’m taking or the Coreg to begin to figure out... read more

Can Farxiga cause drop in already low blood pressure?

Can Farxiga contribute to worsening of low blood pressure (currently around 95/65), whilst also taking Candesartan and Nebivolol? I have been prescribed 10mg of Farxiga (dapagliflozin) for heart failure with moderate ejection fraction of 42%, but have no symptoms of HF, and generally healthy and... read more

What are the cardiac side effects of levodopa?

What are the cardiac side effects of levodopa? I read hypertension and hypotension and I didn't understand

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